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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Most of what of Wii Know about the Wii U's Features

In this post I'll be telling you most of what we know about the Wii U's features (don't have time--or space--to show you everything) such as the Nintendo Network, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii, and the OS. To see everything Wii Know About the Wii U Console Itself and Its Controllers click here.

User Accounts: You can have up to 12 accounts per Wii U.  Each account has its own save data, settings, browser bookmarks, and play history.

Nintendo Network ID: Each User Account can have an ID.  These ID's are much like GamerTags and PSN ID's as these ID's are used for playing online, adding friends, buying stuff in the eShop (everything bought on the eShop can be used on all user accounts), and Miiverse.

A Quick Overview Of Miiverse: Miiverse is like a mini-board/Facebook& Twitter-for-gamers. Every game & gamer will have a "Page" that you can follow. On this "page" you can post comments, screenshots of a game, and drawings you made, or just talk with other gamers. If there's a poster you really like you can follow him/her and ask them to be your friend. You also have can brag about Wii U Achievements you got (something I'll do a lot :p ).

A Quick Overview Of The eShop: This eShop is even better than the PSN Store and XBLA--at least for devs (we don't know much about the eShop itself: most of what we know comes from developers). Developers set their own prices, determine when they have sales, no payments to update/patch game (it cost devs $40,000 on other consoles). A few more things we know about the eShop include you can download full retail games, you can see HD trailers and screenshots, and games can be downloaded at midnight.

A Quick Overview Of Nintendo TVii:
^TVii won't be available until December.^


What Happens When You Turn on Your Wii U? (skip if you like suprzize)

First off, you will hear this music:

Then you will see the Wara Wara Plaza (where you can see stuff happening in the Miiverse):

Accompanied by this music:

After you're done with looking at that, you have to select your account (you can have up to 12 on the Wii U--Each account has its own save data, settings, browser bookmarks, and play history,): 

Accompanied by this music:

After you choose your account, this appears (where you can then choose what you want to do):

What do you think?

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