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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Interview: HullBreach Studios New Game "Tomeling In Trouble"

Tomeling in Trouble splash art--not in game
Yesterday NintendoLife revealed HullBreach Studios new IP "Tomeling" and the first two games using this unique character; "Tomeling In Trouble" for Android and iOS and "Tomeling RPG" for Wii U. Today I'd like to give you a new set of details on the two games. First up the interview with HullBreach Studios Robert Gump:

•Gamers everywhere want to know, what is Tomeling?

Robert Gump: Tomeling is a living book. His origin will be explained in more detail in the Wii U Tomeling RPG (currently unnamed), but for now I can say he is based on Tsukumogami, which is in Japanese folklore. The alleged concept behind it is once any object reaches its 100th birthday, it comes to life and becomes self-aware. Tomeling's RPG back story is already written out, but I don't want to spoil anything that may be surprising for the Wii U RPG.

2D  concept art

•Wow! Its not everyday books spring to life! How did you first come up with the character Tomeling?

Robert Gump: The original idea Tomeling was from an attempt of mine to pick on one of my friends at work for his handwriting on our office dry erase board. When I saw how he had "Tunneling" written out, I connected the rest of the "u" and the "nn" and said "Tomeling? Is that a book with legs?", then I drew out the original Tomeling!

•That is hilarious! What is the theme of the upcoming game? Are there any literature based environments and levels?

Robert Gump: In the Wii U RPG most definitely! Tomeling in Trouble's initial release however will only have one level, which will be a library with bookshelves. It is unknown at this time if there will be any further environments or levels. Mainly it just depends on the voice of the players!

The game itself is going to be sort of along the same concepts as Frogger. Tomeling is under attack by Superworms (book worms with capes). You help guide him through the endless waves of the Superworms as the waves speed up. It's going to be a simple concept game where each round will probably take under a minute or two. The goal is to give people something to play while they have a few minutes waiting on dinner, at the doctor's office (as long as cell phones are allowed in the facility), or even between rounds in Mario Kart 8!

•Do you have any supporting characters in mind?

Robert Gump: Not for Tomeling in Trouble, it will just be the Tomeling and the Superworms.

Yes for the Tomeling RPG, but more details will be released in the future about this.

•What combat/defensive techniques does Tomeling have?

Robert Gump: For Tomeling in Trouble, he has no combat or defensive techniques. For the upcoming Wii U exclusive RPG, though, expect some pretty powerful combat from this book! He can dish out more than paper cuts!

•What is your target art style for Tomeling RPG? Will it be a 3D venture?

Robert Gump: All Tomeling games are going to be more cartoon-ish and 2D-style. The models that the sprites are based on are 3D, so who knows what could happen in the future. For now, though, there is no plan in making a Tomeling 3D game.

•What's the development cycle look like so far for Tomeling? Your studio of 3 gamers have 5 games in development, how do you guys find the time?!

Robert Gump: It can be tough at times juggling our current jobs and making games, but we seem to be making good progress on the games still. Tomeling in Trouble should be out this quarter (really I'm hoping within a month). I should have a prototype by this weekend to test on a couple devices.

•When can we realistically expect Tomeling to release for Wii U?

Robert Gump: I honestly have no clue. It would be nice to have out by Christmas 2014, but a more realistic guess would be the end of Q1 2015 or the beginning of Q2 2015. When more development is done on it, we will be able to give better info.

•We can confirm the upcoming Tomeling RPG includes Tomeling In Trouble which releases this year?

Robert Gump: Yes, Tomeling on Wii U will include Tomeling In Trouble and Tomeling In Trouble will include Revenge of Tomeling, sort of how Final Fantasy 7 had an arcade, Tomeling in Trouble will have one, too. At a certain point in the game, you will reach a city with an arcade that has a few mini-games where, based on the scores you get, you can win special, usable items. But I'm sorry! That's all I can say until around this weekend!

•Thank you Robert for your time in giving a brief look into the newly announced Tomeling! Looking forward to this weekends first footage!

And last, but not least, I'll leave you with a fact sheet for Tomeling in Trouble and a fact sheet for the Tomeling RPG:

Name: Tomeling in Trouble
Platform: Android, iOS, Wii U
Release Date: Q3 for Android, Q4 iOS, Wii U TBA(will be included with the Tomeling RPG exclusive for Wii U)
Genre: Action
Price: Free with ad support on mobile devices
Description: Guide the Tomeling through endless waves of Superworms.
Features*: The initial release will be the main game with possibility of some of the following:
•Share score on social networking sites
•Achievement system
•Share achievements on social networking sites
•Tomeling's Revenge unlockable game mode (Based on achievement points, this game mode will be unlockable)

Name: Tomeling
Platform: Wii U
Genre: RPG
Features: 2D/3D
*Any of the listed features not in the initial release will be added in a later release.
The first screens and footage of Tomeling In Trouble will be raveled later this week! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Technology Hobbit is Rebooting

Starting tomorrow morning with an exclusive interview, you can expect 2-3 new features posted on The Technology Hobbit each week!

I'm planning on moving away from posting news stories (though I haven't actually post many news stories as of late) and moving towards more exclusive content. Such as interviews, reveals, and opinion pieces.

I hope you all will enjoy the changes!