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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Wii U Has Finally Outsold the Dreamcast - Nintendo 2nd Quarter Financial Results

With the release of Nintendo's financial results this morning the Wii U shipments have finally surpassed the lifetime shipments of Sega's last console, the Dreamcast. Wii U shipments are now at 10.73 million while the Dreamcast stopped shipments at 10.6 million. It's not an amazing victory (the Dreamcast got to that mark far faster than the Wii U), but nonetheless it is an interesting milestone.

Here are the rest of today's results. All the numbers are for the 2nd quarter (besides LTD--life to date) and are shipped numbers. 
Wii U: 720,000 units shipped (up from 610,000 last year). LTD: 10.73 million
1.27 million 3DS units shipped (down from 1.28 million last year). LTD: 54.34 million
30,000 Wii units shipped (down from 80,000 last year). LTD: 101.59 million
21 million amiibo have been shipped

Top 10 Wii U games:
Super Mario Maker: 1,880,000 units shipped (1,880,000 LTD)
Splatoon: 800,000 units shipped (2,420,000 LTD)
Mario Kart 8: 440,000 (5,870,000 LTD)
Super Smash Bros. U: 200,000 (4,030,000 LTD)
Super Mario 3D World: 170,000 (4,470,000 LTD)
Nintendo Land: 120,000 (5,000,000 LTD)
Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: 50,000 (1,620,000 LTD)
New Super Mario Bros. U: 40,000 (4,880,000 LTD)
New Super Luigi U: 10,000 (2,270,000 LTD)
Wii Party U: 10,000 (1,580,000 LTD)

Top 10 3DS games:
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: 2,020,000 shipped (2.020.000 LTD)
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: 420,000 shipped (10,690,000 LTD)
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: 330,000 (7,370,000 LTD)
Mario Kart 7: 270,000 (12,190,000 LTD)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 270,000 (9,440,000 LTD)
Tomodachi Life: 180,000 (4,480,000 LTD)
New Super Mario Bros. 2: 170,000 (9,470,000 LTD)
Pokemon X/Y: 160,000 (14,150,000 LTD)
Super Mario 3D Land: 110,000 (10,210,000 LTD)
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: 70,000 (4,610,000 LTD)
Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 50,000 (3,820,000 LTD)

Financial results (2nd quarter only):
Net Sales: ¥113.959 billion (~$946m US)
Operating Income: ¥7.828 (~$65m US)
Net Income: ¥3.182 (~$26.4m US)