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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Is the Wii U's GPU 352GFLOPS or 176GFLOPS? The Answer

This is an old question, but I still see it discussed on message boards pretty often. Hopefully this post will serve as a resource to answer those message boards debates on the subject.

The answer? We do not actually know the answer, but 176GFLOPS is almost certain.

Why? Well, let's start with some clarification and definitions. "FLOPS" stands for "floating-point operations per second", so a 3GFLOP GPU means it can do in theory do up to 3 billion operations in a single second. How you calculate the theoretical 32-bit FLOPS a system can do is quite simple if you know some basic things about the GPU. All you need to do is take the total number of shaders (also known as stream processors or CUDA cores on Nivida GPUs) found in a GPU, multiply that by 2 (each core can do one one multiply operation and one accumulate operation per cycle), and then multiply that by the clock speed. So, using the stock Tegra X1 as an example with its 256 shader cores and base 1GHz clock speed...

256 * 2 * 1 billion = 512GFLOPS

Or with the Xbox One GPU with its 768 shaders at 853MHz....

768 * 2 * 853 million = 1.31TFLOPS

Simple enough, right? Where did the confusion come in? Well, the problem with the Wii U GPU is that we do not actually know the shader count for certain as Nintendo has never released any specs and the GPU has a number of custom elements. Based off die photos we know do know that it has either 320 or 160 shading units, but beyond that it requires some deductive reasoning. You see most AMD GPUs of the architecture used in the Wii U GPU, like the RV770 which the Wii U GPU was based on, had 20ALUs (shading units) per compute units which with the Wii U's 8CUs would result in 160ALUs, but a few high end GPUs had 40ALUs per CU which would have resulted in 320ALUs. Due to the custom nature of the Wii U's GPU it is not impossible that they could have doubled the shading unit count, but it would not have made much sense for them to and there is not anything to suggest they did, so it is deemed highly unlikely.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Wii U Has Finally Outsold the Dreamcast - Nintendo 2nd Quarter Financial Results

With the release of Nintendo's financial results this morning the Wii U shipments have finally surpassed the lifetime shipments of Sega's last console, the Dreamcast. Wii U shipments are now at 10.73 million while the Dreamcast stopped shipments at 10.6 million. It's not an amazing victory (the Dreamcast got to that mark far faster than the Wii U), but nonetheless it is an interesting milestone.

Here are the rest of today's results. All the numbers are for the 2nd quarter (besides LTD--life to date) and are shipped numbers. 
Wii U: 720,000 units shipped (up from 610,000 last year). LTD: 10.73 million
1.27 million 3DS units shipped (down from 1.28 million last year). LTD: 54.34 million
30,000 Wii units shipped (down from 80,000 last year). LTD: 101.59 million
21 million amiibo have been shipped

Top 10 Wii U games:
Super Mario Maker: 1,880,000 units shipped (1,880,000 LTD)
Splatoon: 800,000 units shipped (2,420,000 LTD)
Mario Kart 8: 440,000 (5,870,000 LTD)
Super Smash Bros. U: 200,000 (4,030,000 LTD)
Super Mario 3D World: 170,000 (4,470,000 LTD)
Nintendo Land: 120,000 (5,000,000 LTD)
Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: 50,000 (1,620,000 LTD)
New Super Mario Bros. U: 40,000 (4,880,000 LTD)
New Super Luigi U: 10,000 (2,270,000 LTD)
Wii Party U: 10,000 (1,580,000 LTD)

Top 10 3DS games:
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: 2,020,000 shipped (2.020.000 LTD)
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: 420,000 shipped (10,690,000 LTD)
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: 330,000 (7,370,000 LTD)
Mario Kart 7: 270,000 (12,190,000 LTD)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 270,000 (9,440,000 LTD)
Tomodachi Life: 180,000 (4,480,000 LTD)
New Super Mario Bros. 2: 170,000 (9,470,000 LTD)
Pokemon X/Y: 160,000 (14,150,000 LTD)
Super Mario 3D Land: 110,000 (10,210,000 LTD)
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: 70,000 (4,610,000 LTD)
Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 50,000 (3,820,000 LTD)

Financial results (2nd quarter only):
Net Sales: ¥113.959 billion (~$946m US)
Operating Income: ¥7.828 (~$65m US)
Net Income: ¥3.182 (~$26.4m US)


Friday, July 17, 2015

Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, Passed Away Late Last Week

On Saturday, Mr. Iwata of Nintendo sadly passed away at the age of 55. Iwata was a legend in the video game industry and if you don't know much about him you should differently go and look up some of the great tributes people have written about him this past week. From his humble beginnings as a programmer (helping with games and series like EarthBound, Smash Bros, Kirby, Balloon Fight) to his time as the CEO of Nintendo (his risk taking with hardware, creating and becoming a face for the company with amazing things like Nintendo Directs and Iwata's Asks), he helped shape the video game market, all while firmly believing that, in this own words, "video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone."

In his memory I'm going to post a few of my favorite Iwata moments

RIP Mr. Iwata, you will be missed by all us gamers. Thank you for everything.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

E3 2015 Guide

E3 Press Conferences and Events

Nintendo World Championships 2015 Finals

What it is: The return of the Nintendo World Championships after 25 years! Or 21 years depending on if you consider the Nintendo PowerFest '94 to be Nintendo World Championships II. This will be a competition between 16 of the best players around (8 fans who won the qualifiers and 8 people Nintendo invited).

When to watch it: Sunday June 14th at a TBA time.

Where to watch it: On Nintendo's TwitchYouTube, or E3 pages. You can also watch it in person at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. 

Bethesda Soft's E3 Press Conference 

What it is: Bethesda's first ever E3 press conference where we will get a look at their new games. Announcements of the next Fallout and Doom are expected.  

When to watch it: The pre show starts on June 14th at 6:30 PM PDT/9:30 PM EDT. The show it self will start 30 minutes later at 7PM PDT/10 PM EDT.

Where to watch it: On Bethesda's Twitch or YouTube pages. You can also watch it in person at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood if you get there early. Details here

Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

What it is: Microsoft's E3 press conference.

When to watch it: June 15th at 9:30AM PDT/12:30 PM EDT.

Where to watch it: On your Xbox, on Spike TV, or on

EA's E3 Press Conference

What it is: EA's E3 Press Conference where they are expected to announce new details on games like Battlefront 3.

When to watch it: June 15th at 1PM PDT/4PM EDT.

Where to watch it: TBA

Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

What it is: Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

When to watch it: June 15th at 3PM PDT/6PM EDT.

Where to watch it: TBA

Sony's E3 Press Conference

What it is: Sony's E3 Press Conference.

When to watch it: June 15th at 6PM PDT/9PM EDT

Where to watch it:

Nintendo's E3 Digital Event

What it is: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event

When to watch it: June 16th at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT.

Where to watch it: On Nintendo's TwitchYouTube, or E3 pages.

Square Enix's E3 Press Conference

What it is: Square Enix's E3 Press Conference.

When to watch it: June 16th at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT.

Where to watch it: On Square Enix's Twitch or YouTube pages.

Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3

What it is: The return of Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3.

When to watch it: June 16th-18th at TBA times.

Where to watch it: On Nintendo's TwitchYouTube, or E3 pages.

Nintendo Access: Mario Maker @ Best Buy

What it is: Nintendo is once again bringing an E3 demo to Best Buy, this year with Mario Maker.

When it is: June 17th from 4-9PM local time and June 20th from 12-5PM local time.

Where it is: TBA Best Buy's across the US.


Coming soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nintendo Announces E3 2015 Plans

Stay tuned for more information! Until then I'll leave you with a video from the last Nintendo World Championship back in 1990: 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Garage Sale Pickups Post 1 - 5/9/2015

Late last year I started going to garage sales in hopes of finding video games, I had enough luck to do it again this year. From now on I'll be posting some of my find on my blog.  

This week I only had time to go to two sales and I picked this stuff up in a bundle (explaining the shovelware) at the second sale:
  • Beat up Sliver DS Phat
  • Slightly beat up Indigo GBA (I only own a Glacier GBA so this will be a nice addition to my collection after I do some repair work on it).
  • Complete Mario Kart: Double Dash
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
  • Pokemon Colosseum
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Spiderman 2
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Trouble (I probably should have just taken this one out of the bag and left it)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • The Land Before Time Collection
  • Legit Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
  • Legit Pokemon Sapphire
  • Legit Pokemon Silver
For $40. All in all a pretty good deal (thanks to the GCN, Pokemon, and Zelda games) to start the yard sales season off.

The Technology Hobbit Reboot Part 3

Rebooting my blog once again. Hopefully this time I'll stick around and keep blogging.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Interview: HullBreach Studios New Game "Tomeling In Trouble"

Tomeling in Trouble splash art--not in game
Yesterday NintendoLife revealed HullBreach Studios new IP "Tomeling" and the first two games using this unique character; "Tomeling In Trouble" for Android and iOS and "Tomeling RPG" for Wii U. Today I'd like to give you a new set of details on the two games. First up the interview with HullBreach Studios Robert Gump:

•Gamers everywhere want to know, what is Tomeling?

Robert Gump: Tomeling is a living book. His origin will be explained in more detail in the Wii U Tomeling RPG (currently unnamed), but for now I can say he is based on Tsukumogami, which is in Japanese folklore. The alleged concept behind it is once any object reaches its 100th birthday, it comes to life and becomes self-aware. Tomeling's RPG back story is already written out, but I don't want to spoil anything that may be surprising for the Wii U RPG.

2D  concept art

•Wow! Its not everyday books spring to life! How did you first come up with the character Tomeling?

Robert Gump: The original idea Tomeling was from an attempt of mine to pick on one of my friends at work for his handwriting on our office dry erase board. When I saw how he had "Tunneling" written out, I connected the rest of the "u" and the "nn" and said "Tomeling? Is that a book with legs?", then I drew out the original Tomeling!

•That is hilarious! What is the theme of the upcoming game? Are there any literature based environments and levels?

Robert Gump: In the Wii U RPG most definitely! Tomeling in Trouble's initial release however will only have one level, which will be a library with bookshelves. It is unknown at this time if there will be any further environments or levels. Mainly it just depends on the voice of the players!

The game itself is going to be sort of along the same concepts as Frogger. Tomeling is under attack by Superworms (book worms with capes). You help guide him through the endless waves of the Superworms as the waves speed up. It's going to be a simple concept game where each round will probably take under a minute or two. The goal is to give people something to play while they have a few minutes waiting on dinner, at the doctor's office (as long as cell phones are allowed in the facility), or even between rounds in Mario Kart 8!

•Do you have any supporting characters in mind?

Robert Gump: Not for Tomeling in Trouble, it will just be the Tomeling and the Superworms.

Yes for the Tomeling RPG, but more details will be released in the future about this.

•What combat/defensive techniques does Tomeling have?

Robert Gump: For Tomeling in Trouble, he has no combat or defensive techniques. For the upcoming Wii U exclusive RPG, though, expect some pretty powerful combat from this book! He can dish out more than paper cuts!

•What is your target art style for Tomeling RPG? Will it be a 3D venture?

Robert Gump: All Tomeling games are going to be more cartoon-ish and 2D-style. The models that the sprites are based on are 3D, so who knows what could happen in the future. For now, though, there is no plan in making a Tomeling 3D game.

•What's the development cycle look like so far for Tomeling? Your studio of 3 gamers have 5 games in development, how do you guys find the time?!

Robert Gump: It can be tough at times juggling our current jobs and making games, but we seem to be making good progress on the games still. Tomeling in Trouble should be out this quarter (really I'm hoping within a month). I should have a prototype by this weekend to test on a couple devices.

•When can we realistically expect Tomeling to release for Wii U?

Robert Gump: I honestly have no clue. It would be nice to have out by Christmas 2014, but a more realistic guess would be the end of Q1 2015 or the beginning of Q2 2015. When more development is done on it, we will be able to give better info.

•We can confirm the upcoming Tomeling RPG includes Tomeling In Trouble which releases this year?

Robert Gump: Yes, Tomeling on Wii U will include Tomeling In Trouble and Tomeling In Trouble will include Revenge of Tomeling, sort of how Final Fantasy 7 had an arcade, Tomeling in Trouble will have one, too. At a certain point in the game, you will reach a city with an arcade that has a few mini-games where, based on the scores you get, you can win special, usable items. But I'm sorry! That's all I can say until around this weekend!

•Thank you Robert for your time in giving a brief look into the newly announced Tomeling! Looking forward to this weekends first footage!

And last, but not least, I'll leave you with a fact sheet for Tomeling in Trouble and a fact sheet for the Tomeling RPG:

Name: Tomeling in Trouble
Platform: Android, iOS, Wii U
Release Date: Q3 for Android, Q4 iOS, Wii U TBA(will be included with the Tomeling RPG exclusive for Wii U)
Genre: Action
Price: Free with ad support on mobile devices
Description: Guide the Tomeling through endless waves of Superworms.
Features*: The initial release will be the main game with possibility of some of the following:
•Share score on social networking sites
•Achievement system
•Share achievements on social networking sites
•Tomeling's Revenge unlockable game mode (Based on achievement points, this game mode will be unlockable)

Name: Tomeling
Platform: Wii U
Genre: RPG
Features: 2D/3D
*Any of the listed features not in the initial release will be added in a later release.
The first screens and footage of Tomeling In Trouble will be raveled later this week! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Technology Hobbit is Rebooting

Starting tomorrow morning with an exclusive interview, you can expect 2-3 new features posted on The Technology Hobbit each week!

I'm planning on moving away from posting news stories (though I haven't actually post many news stories as of late) and moving towards more exclusive content. Such as interviews, reveals, and opinion pieces.

I hope you all will enjoy the changes!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Project Reggie-fy Part 3: I Come Bearing .gif-ts For E3

"Chuck Reggie"
My latest batch (see Part 1 & Part 2 for moreof Nintendo gifs just in time for E3! While this one doesn't have as many as some of my past batches, I still think this one is one of my best. Enjoy!
"The Nintendo Avengers"
"Beware the Fils-A-Mech/What Really Happened to Don Mattrick"

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

According to the Latest VGChartz Update the Wii U Sold 187k Last Week

Pretty good for the Wii U if you ask me. Here's some charts to put it in perspective (Jan, Feb, Mar, and April US data is from NPD, the rest is from VGChartz):

If VGChartz is right (and based off what we've seen they should be within 30k of being so) the Wii U sold better this week then it did in any one month this year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Reggie-fy: Gifs Featuring Reggie

Last year I made a number of Reggie gifs while getting ready for E3, but I never did post my first batch on my blog. Time to fix that, enjoy!

If you have any reasonable requests, feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

PS4, X1, Wii, & Wii U First Half Year Sales Comparison

I thought it'd be cool to make a comparison of the PS4's, X1's, Wii's, & Wii U's first half year on the market, so here you go (all data from VGChartz):  
It looks like that unless the PS4 sees a huge boost, the Wii will overtake it in a few weeks. Still doing amazing though, the Wii was just a monster. This chart kinda makes it look like the X1 isn't doing well (selling so slow you can't even read the numbers), but it is actually doing quite well. Can't say the same about the Wii U's first half year though (besides that it was selling so slow you can't even read the numbers). Speaking of the numbers, here they are:



Xbox One:

Wii U:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Pre-order Data *Updated 5/28/2014* Final US Numbers! Final COMG numbers!

How to Understand the Charts:
Japan: COMG! is a chain of ~16 video game stores in Japan and unlike most stores they publish daily pre-order numbers for games. As a general rule 1 point = 1 pre-order in a COMG! store, what these numbers translate into for launch day sales is really depends on the game, but 1 pre-order at a COMG! usually translates into 1k sales in all of Japan at launch. Though Nintendo games don't always follow this formula and are often <1 point = 1k pre-orders.

As for reading the chart, the top across row tells the game the data under it is for while the first down row tells the number of days before launch that data is for.

US: VGChartz is a website that estimates and tracks video game sales data. The numbers are the amount of pre-orders the game has, what these numbers translate into for launch day sales is really depends on the game and time of year.

As for reading the chart, the top across row tells the game the data under it is for while the first down row tells the number of days before launch that data is for.

Japan (source: COMG via tbone51 on VGC)

DAYS             MK7              NSMBU        DQX       SM3DW     Pikmin 3     Mario Kart 8
45 days ~                          33 points                                                                   47 points
44 days ~                          34 points                                                                   47 points
43 days ~                          34 points                                                                   48 points
42 days ~                          34 points                                                                   49 points
41 days ~                          35 points                                                                   49 points
40 days ~                          37 points                                                                   50  points         
39 days ~                          38 points                                                                   52 points
38 days ~                          40 points                                                                   53 points
37 days ~                          40 points                                                                   55 points
36 days ~                          42 points                                                                   55 points
35 days ~                          43 points                                                                   57 points
34 days ~                          44 points                                                                   62 points
33 days ~                          45 points                                                                   65 points
32 days ~                          45 points                                                                   68 points       
31 days ~   49 points        47 points                                                                   69 points
30 days ~   52 points        48 points                                                                   70 points
29 days ~   58 points        48 points                                                                   74 points
28 days ~   74 points        48 points                                                                   75 points
27 days ~   79 points        48 points                                                                   78 points
26 days ~   86 points        51 points                                                                   84 points
25 days ~   92 points        59 points                                                                   90 points
24 days ~   95 points        64 points                                           17 points         94 points
23 days ~   97 points        70 points                                           19 points         103 points
22 days ~ 100 points        74 points                                           21 points         105 points
21 days ~ 104 points        80 points                                           23 points         108 points
20 days ~ 107 points        85 points                                           24 points         109 points
19 days ~ 118 points         91 points                                           24 points         112 points
18 days ~ 126 points         95 points    30 points                       24 points         124 points
17 days ~ 128 points        100 points   30 points                      27 points          131 points
16 days ~ 129 points        107 points    34 points                      31 points         136 points
15 days ~ 131 points         115 points   37 points                       33 points         137 points
14 days ~ 135 points        120 points    39 points                      38 points         143 points
13 days ~ 140 points        125 points    41 points                      44 points         146 points
12 days ~ 145 points        134 points    42 points                      48 points         162 points
11 days ~ 157 points        141 points    45 points                       49 points         182 points
10 days ~ 162 points        143 points    45 points                      50 points         189 points
9 days ~   170 points       149 points    46 points   24 points    54 points         192 points
8 days ~   185 points       156 points    47 points   26 points     57 points         195 points
7 days ~   193 points       160 points    50 points   29 points     59 points         204 points
6 days ~   206 points      167 points     54 points   35 points     64 points         208 points
5 days ~   219 points      175 points     55 points   43 points     65 points          221 points
4 days ~   241 points      185 points     59 points   51 points     67 points          238 points
3 days ~   253 points      187 points     58 points   55 points     70 points          244 points
2 days ~   274 points      193 points     59 points   59 points     73 points          251 points
FINAL  ~   297 points    200 points    59 points   66 points     74 points          259 points

First Week Sales  SM3DW= 99,588     NSMBU= 163,528   MK7= 423.619
Pikmin 3= 92,720     MH3= 106,388     Nintendo Land= 72.121

US (source: VGChartz via me):
                   NSMBU     LegoCity    Pikmin 3    WWHD    SM3DW   DKC:TF      MK7        MK8
27 weeks ~                                       38,943
26 weeks ~                                       39,820
24 weeks ~                                       40,679
23 weeks ~                                       41,577
22 weeks ~                                       42,258
21 weeks ~                                       43,127
20 weeks ~                                       43,901
19 weeks ~                                       44,626                                        
18 weeks ~                                       45,420                                        
17 weeks ~                                       46,227                                        
16 weeks ~                                       47,048                                                                           49,787
15 weeks ~                                       48,217                                                                            52,414
14 weeks ~                   35,296         48,953                                                                            54,922
13 weeks ~                   40,739         49,929                                                                            56,909
12 weeks ~                   42,595         50,909                                          32,129                       59,404
11 weeks ~                   43,628          51,698                                          35,570                       63,176
10 weeks ~                   44,813         52,193                                           40,931                      66,582
9 weeks ~                     46,547         52,634                                          50,585     61,741       71,588
8 weeks ~                     47,873          53,154                                          60,095    66,912        77,274
7 weeks ~                     49,129          53,654                                          67,516     75,084       83,658
6 weeks ~                     50,569          54,126                                          72,767     87,848       88,400
5 weeks ~                     52,683          69,997                                          78,253     110,385      105,892
4 weeks ~ 53,051         54,473         73,173                                           81,875     144,517     144,069
3 weeks ~ 64,327         56,134          76,821                                          86,329     193,028     175,476
2 weeks ~ 82,970         59,917          81,555       70,568      65,904      90,999     263,359      231,863
1 week  ~ 114,207        66,714          85,633       78,079      96,619       97,638     423,986     279,054

NSMBU = 266,344 Lego City Undercover = 76,854 Pikmin 3 = 103,345 Wind Waker HD = 128,371 SM3DW = 144,156  Donkey Kong Country: TF = 108,845 Mario Kart 7 = 643,733
So far so good for Mario Kart 8. It looks as though it could become the fastest selling Wii U game at launch by quite a bit.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Fools! (+Technology Hobbit Reboot)

16 days late saying it was a joke, but The Technology Hobbit is staying The Technology Hobbit!
April Fools!

Also I'd like to announce that I'm going to try rebooting this place soon. Maybe give it a new look (already changed it some) and without a doubt start posting regularly.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Technology Hobbit is now The Technology Goat!

I was playing Goat Simulator when I realized my true purpose in life, to make a blog about everything goat/technology related! I hope you enjoy the new focus.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wii U Sales Improving Year Over Year Part 2

Disclaimer: these charts use my own special VGC/NPD mix, take it as you will.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wii U Sales Improving Year Over Year

Wii U sales are still lower than they should be, they are up year over year. If this trend keeps up this year should be a lot better sales wise than last year.
Week 1 of 2013 is Jan 6th-12th 2013 while Week 1 of 2014 is Jan 5th-11th 2014.

All data comes from VGC.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Speculation: Deducing Black Friday Console Sales From Infoscout's Report

WARNING: MAJOR AMOUNT OF RANDOM SPECULATION INCOMING. I likely made numerous mistakes, take all you read below as a grain of salt.

Earlier this week Infoscout released a report giving early Black Friday data, this is the just of it:

In my opinion the report makes VGChartz look extremely reliable :P, as it was based off a mere 1,500 console purchases across 102k receipts (to show how small a data pool that is, last year over 2,050,000 home consoles were sold in the US on Black Friday week, though I'm not sure how many were sold on Black Friday itself), but it still does give us an extremely rough guess of what to expect. Especially since we have Sony's 2.1 million PS4's sold report. In it they say 700,000+ of those 2.1 million sales are from the EU, taking that number and comparing it to the 1,165,601 PS4's sold (if VGC is to be believed) before the EU launch allows us to deduce that approx. 230K PS4's were sold last week in NA/SA. Then you can also take away around 25-40K for sales from "Other" NA/SA regions, and you're left with 190-205K PS4's sold in the US last week.

Using that as a base you get these numbers from the Infoscout report for the day of Black Friday:
Xbox One: 385-415K
Xbox 360: 380-410K
PS3: 190-205K
PS4: 190-205K
Wii U: 74-80K
Wii: 10-13K
Total: 1,229,000-1,328,000

Now there's a few things wrong with that list for sure. First of all, the Wii sold 38K last week in the US and even though the list is just one day of sales I highly doubt it sold only 10K. Second of all, this is based off the sales of the PS4 in the US for the entire week, I'm sure the retailers held back most of the stock until Black Friday, but I can't be sure about all of it. But still I believe it gives an extremely rough estimate of sales on Black Friday day. My personal estimate for all of Black Friday week is:
Xbox 360: 650K
Xbox One: 420K
PS3: 350K
Wii U: 215K
PS4: 205K
Wii: 170K
Total: 2,015,000

Remember take all of what I'm saying as a grain of salt, also if you find a mistake feel free to tell me so I can fix it. What are your guesses for last week?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Japanese Wii U Sales Up 1394% After New Bundles Release

After the release of new Wii Party U, Wii Fit, & NSMBU bundles, the sales of the Wii U in Japan went up 1394%, or 2,598 to 38,802. This marks the highest weekly Wii U sales Japan has seen all year, the previous record for 2013 being 22,829 seen in the sales week Mar 25 - Mar 31. With WW Wii U sales having stayed steady at about 60K the past couple weeks, this, and a NSMBU/NSLU bundle having been released in Europe and the US, I wouldn't be surprised if Wii U sales reach 100K+ WW this week, which would be yet another first for the Wii U in 2013. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Worldwide Wii U Sales Up +94% After Price Drop and Retail Release of The Wind Waker HD

Wii U sales went up last week to a new 2013 high of 83,504, the old record being 65,596 during the week ending March 30th. In comparison back in the 360's first year of life, on the week ending Oct 14th it sold 77,836 worldwide and the week before that 87,637 and lastly the week before that 89,330, meanwhile the PS3 in its first year of life sold 84,796 the week ending Oct 6th (with 86,583 & 73,670 the previous two weeks). So the Wii U is now actually performing up to par with other systems in their first year.

Stay tuned to see what the Wii Party U bundle does in Japan on Oct 30th.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Week After Price Drop ☆ Wii U Sales in the US Rise Another 37%

In an unexpected turn of events, the US sales of the Wii U rose another 37% to 26,941--a somewhat respectable number and the highest in all of 2013--and bringing the worldwide number for last week to 43,514. This is contrary to the expected fall of Wii U sales based off past sales data, as sales generally drop the week after a major game comes out or a price drop happens.

This personally gives me great hope for the Wii U. Stay tuned for what happens next week with the Wind Waker HD bundle launching in Europe!

Disclaimer -- All sales numbers taken from VGC and are likely to be off by 5-20%, but unless you have a better source at this time don't complain.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wii U Firmware Update 4.0.0 LIVE NOW!

Wii U firmware update 4.0.0 is now live. Reports are conflicting on the size of the update, but most agree it's around 600-700MB.  So far we know that the system update does these things:
  • USB Keyboard
  • Wii Off TV Play
  • Surround Sound support for Wii games (Dolby Pro Logic II)
  • Access Friend’s List from Wii U menu directly
  • Upload screens taken when pausing the game directly to blogs and forums using the browser.
  • Option to receive automatically downloaded software from Nintendo.
  • Wii U Chat via headset connected to the Game Pad
  • View PDFs on the Browser.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wii U Sales Rise +128% in US Following Price Drop and Release of Wind Waker HD Bundle ☆ The Wonderful 101 sales 15K at US Launch

Following the price drop and release of Wind Waker HD Bundle in the US, Wii U sales have risen from 8,612 the week ending September 14th to 19,617 the week ending September 21st. This is the highest Wii U sales have been in the US since the week ending March 30th when the Wii U sold 20,116 units, and the third highest amount sold in a week for the US in all of 2013. This nearly reaches the 23,799 PS3's sold in the US on the same week of life (Sep. 15th 2007).

Meanwhile the worldwide sales were brought up from from 20,946 (Sep. 14th) to 33,964 (Sep. 21st). Remember though NA is the only region to receive a price drop/bundle at this time--bundles will be dropping in EU on Oct. 4th and Oct. 31st in JP. So just stay tuned another few weeks to fully see what the price drop/bundles do.
In other news, The Wonderful 101 sold 15,134 units in its US launch week bringing the total worldwide sales up to around 44-45K.

Disclaimer -- All sales numbers taken from VGC and are likely to be off by 5-20%, but unless you have a better source at this time don't complain. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wii U Sales Start Slowly Picking Up ☆ Wii U Sales Update 9 ★ Now Even Longer than Before! ☀ Pikmin 3 Reaches 418K

Welcome to the super long Wii U Sales Update 9. For the first time in ages, some good news, Wii U sales are starting to pick up (and slowly fall again of course) thanks to the new games like Pikmin 3. The Wii U has sold around 50K more in the past 10 weeks than it did in the 10 weeks before that, and while it's not much--anything is extremely good at this point. This gives me a bit of hope that by the next Wii U sales update the Wii U will actually be selling at a historically decent rate (60K+ a week) since the Wii U will be receiving a price cut in the US on September 20th and a price cut in Europe on October 4th along with a bundle or two. Not to mention lots of games are starting to come out.

Enjoy the sales update.

Sales Update Overview
Unlike most sales updates, I use multiple sources, and when more reliable sources come out, I replace the old sources. Meaning this is likely the most accurate up-to-date sales list around. 

This weeks changes
First update in which I start tracking PS4 and X1 data, bear with me while I get that section fully set up (feel free to give ideas). Added more data to the eShop section. Changed the European Wii U sales section a little, if people don't like it just tell me and I'll change it back.

Note: sales figures that have some data from VGChartz or other somewhat unreliable places are marked with a *

This Updates Highlights
Since the last update the Wii U's sales worldwide have been (all VGC data):
June 23rd-June 29th: 22,909
June 30th-July 6th: 24,052
July 7th-July 13th: 38,561 (Launch of Pikmin 3 in JP)
July 14th-July 20th: 32,577
July 21st-July 27th: 31,552
July 28th-Aug 3rd: 29,414
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 37,307 (Launch of Pikmin 3 in US)
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 34,233
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 28,913
Aug 25th-Set 1st: 27,357

Total: 306,875 (+52,618 higher than the 10 week before that)

In comparison the 360 sold (back in 2006):
June 18th-June 24th: 78,556
June 25th-July 1st: 79,080
July 2nd-July 8th: 76,946 
July 9th-July 15th: 75,352
July 16th-July 22nd: 75,085
July 23rd-July 29th: 75,604
July 30th-Aug 5th: 74,687
Aug 6th-Aug 12th: 70,387
Aug 13th-Aug 19th: 72,960
Aug 20th-Aug 26th: 79,960

Total: 680,061 (-331,137 less than the 10 week before that)

And the PS3 (back in 2007):
June 10th-June 16th: 60,329
June 17th-June 23rd: 58,643
June 24th-June 30th: 61,231
July 1st-July 7th: 63,826
July 8th-July 14th: 96,978 ($100 price cut of 60GB PS3 to $499--now same price as the recently discontinued 20GB PS3)
July 15th-July 21st: 91,060
July 22nd-July 28th: 117,198 (Launch of Hot Shots Golf)
July 29th-Aug 4th: 108,039
Aug 5th-Aug 11th: 100,029
Aug 12th-Aug 18th: 102,364

Total: 859,697 (+77,448 more than the 10 week before that)

And the Wii (back in 2007):
June 24th-June 30th: 278,478
July 1st-July 7th: 255,828
July 8th-July 14th: 300,138 (Launch of Dragon Quest Swords in JP)
July 15th-July 21st: 285,052
July 22nd-July 28th: 282,661
July 29th-Aug 4th: 261,119
Aug 5th-Aug 11th: 271,701 
Aug 12th-Aug 18th: 289,080
Aug 19th-Aug 25th: 261,021
Aug 26th-Set 1st: 284,328 (Launch of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Total: 2,769,406 (+234,873 more than the 10 week before that)

Wii U sales VS. 360, PS3, 3DS, etc. at week 41 (All VGC data)

360: 4,297,590
PS3: 4,500,143
3DS: 8,929,215
Wii U: 3,489,257
Vita: 2,687,077
DS: 6,807,969
Wii: 11,536,678
PSP: 5,218,745

New Games:
Pikmin 3 (Release Date: 13th July 2013/26th July 2013/4th August 2013)
July 6th-July 13th: 92,720
July 14th-July 20th: 28,513
July 21st-July 27th: 47,219
July 28th-Aug 3rd: 25,889
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 155,088
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 42,387
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 22,428
Aug 25th-Aug 30th: 4,364 (Japan only)

Total: 418,058

The Wonderful 101 (Release Date: August 23, 2013/August 24, 2013)
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 13,205
Aug 25th-Aug 30th: 3,463 (Japan only)

Total: 16,668

Lego City Undercover -- JAPAN ONLY (July 25, 2013)
July 21st-July 27th: 18,199
July 28th-Aug 3rd: 7,772
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 5,054
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 4,806
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 2,691

Total: 38,522

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist (August 20, 2013/August 23, 2013)
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 12,515

Total: 12,515

Game & Wario -- US & EU ONLY (June 23rd, 2013/June 28th, 2013)
Jun 23rd-Jun 29th: 12,257
Jun 30th-Jul 6th: 4,526
Jul 7th-Jul 13th: 3,001
Jul 14th-Jul 20th: 2,227
Jul 21st-Jul 27th: 1,756
Jul 28th-Aug 3rd: 1,357
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 1,100
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 1,094
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 898

Total: 28,216

New Super Luigi U Limited Retail Edition (July 13th, 2013/July 26th, 2013/August 25th, 2013)
Jul 7th-Jul 13th: 25,856
Jul 14th-Jul 20th: 12,741
Jul 21st-Jul 27th: 19,438
Jul 28th-Aug 3rd: 12,252
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 9,809
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 10,614
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 6,923
Aug 25th-Set 1st: 23,767 -- US only

Total: 121,400

Disney Infinity (August 18th, 2013/August 20th, 2013)
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 45,856
Aug 25th-Set 1st: 10,677 -- US only

Total: 56,533

Disney's Planes (August 6th, 2013/August 6th, 2013)
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 3,895
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 2,400
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 1,835

Total: 8,130

The Smurfs 2 (July 19th, 2013/July 23rd, 2013)
Total: 3,252 incomplete

Rabbids Land (November 18th, 2012/November 30th, 2012)
Total: 3,188 incomplete

US Pre-Order Charts:
Rayman Legends: 29,508 (as of Jun 29th)
Wii Fit U: 25,193 (as of Jun 29th)

PS4 and Xbox One Pre-order Data Hub
Worldwide PS4 Pre-orders: +1,000,000 
US Pre-orders: Approx. 600,000*

Top 10 pre-ordered PS4 games (US only) as of Set 1st:
1. Battlefield 4 - 249,293*
2. Call of Duty: Ghosts - 244,795*
3. Killzone: Shadow Fall - 223,954*
4. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - 163,317*
5. Watch Dogs - 120,968*
6. Madden NFL 25 - 66,482*
7. Destiny - 45,118*
8. NBA 2K14 - 43,430* (as of Aug 24th)
9. Knack - 40,982* (as of Aug 24th)
10. FIFA Soccer 14 - 35,095* (as of Aug 24th)

Total: 1,233,434

Xbox One
Worldwide Xbox One Pre-orders: More than any Xbox console before it
US Pre-orders: Approx. 350,000*

Top 10 pre-ordered Xbox One games (US only) as of Set 1st:
1. Call of Duty: Ghosts - 235,781
2. Battlefield 4 - 127,719
3. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - 106,879
4. Watch Dogs - 71,277
5. Dead Rising 3 - 63,493
6. Forza Motorsport 5 - 60,469
7. Ryse: Son of Rome - 59,941
8. Madden NFL 25 - 43,167 (as of Aug 24th)
9. Destiny - 35,627 (as of Aug 24th)
10. Titanfall - 27,956 (as of Aug 24th)

Total: 832,309
Sales Data

Wii U
November 2012: 430,000
December 2012: 460,000
January 2013: 57,000
February 2013: 64,000
March 2013: 67,000
April 2013: 38,000
May 2013: 36,000
June 2013: 42,000
July 2013: 29,000
Thirty-eighth Week (4th-10th): 16,349* (Launch of Pikmin 3)
Thirty-ninth Week (11th-17th): 11,578*
Fortieth Week (18th-Aug 24th): 10,545*
Forty-first Week (25th-Set 1st): 10,147*

Total: 1,271,619* (+84,262)

November 2012: 183,952* 
December 2012: 290,298*
January 2013: 35,734*
February 2013: 30,973*
March 2013: 53,462*
April 2013: 32,060* (-112)
May 2013: 25,850* (-1,741)
Twenty-eighth Week (2nd-8th): 6,021* (-514)
Twenty-ninth Week (9th-15th): 5,793* (-760)
Thirtieth Week (16th-22nd): 5,416* (-1,001)
Thirty-first Week (23rd-29th): 5,668* (-1,367)
Thirty-second Week (30th-6th): 5,178*
Thirty-third Week (7th-13th): 5,790*
Thirty-fourth Week (14th-20th): 6,379*
Thirty-fifth Week (21st-27th): 8,263* (Launch of Pikmin 3)
Thirty-sixth Week (28th-3rd): 7,231*
Thirty-seventh Week (4th-10th): 7,217* 
Thirty-eighth Week (11th-17th): 7,376*
Thirty-ninth Week (18th-24th): 8,024*
Fortieth Week (25th-Set 1st): 7,527*

Total: 738,212* (+57,490)

First Day (8th-9th): 308,570
Second Week (10th-16th): 126,916
Third Week (17th-23rd): 122,843
Forth Week (24th-30th): 69,386
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 67,083
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 20,715
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 16,654
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 13,746
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 12,959
Tenth Week (4th-10th):12,185
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 10,744
Twelfth Week (18th-24th): 9,633
Thirteenth Week (Feb 25th-Mar 3rd) 10,021
Fourteenth Week (4th-10th): 9,454
Fifteenth Week (11th-17th): 9,539
Sixteenth Week (18th-24th): 11,398
Seventeenth Week (25th-31st): 22,829
Eighteenth Week (1st-7th): 14,783
Nineteenth Week (8th-14th): 9,984
Twentieth Week (15th-21st): 8,798
Twenty-first Week (22nd-28th): 8,262
Twenty-second Week (29th-5th): 13,173
Twenty-third Week (6th-12th): 7,974
Twenty-fourth Week (13th-19th): 6,037
Twenty-fifth Week (20th-26th): 5,648
Twenty-sixth Week (27th-2nd): 6,680
Twenty-seventh Week (3rd-9th): 6,330
Twenty-eighth Week (10th-16th): 5,983
Twenty-ninth Week (17th-23rd): 5,329
Thirtieth Week (24th-30th): 7,060
Thirty-first Week (1st-7th): 8,251
Thirty-second Week (8th-14th): 22,199 (Launch of Pikmin 3)
Thirty-third Week (15th-21st): 14,280
Thirty-fourth Week (22nd-28th): 11,373
Thirty-fifth Week (29th-4th): 10,038
Thirty-sixth Week (5th-11th): 9,950
Thirty-seventh Week (12th-18th): 12,047
Thirty-eighth Week (19th-25th): 7,030
Thirty-ninth Week (26th-1st): 6,741

Total: 1,063,293 (+93,658)

Total: 359,493* (+28,496)

Grand Total: 3,432,617* (+263,906)

1. 000+/- Nintendo Land:
First Week (18th-24th): 336,657* 
Second Week (25th-1st): 64,384* 
Third Week (2nd-8th): 93,540*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 100,658* 
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 103,024*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 54,501* 
Seventh Week (30th-5th): 22,278* 
Eighth Week (6th-12th): 12,804*
Ninth Week (13th-19th): 9,159*
Tenth Week (20th-26th): 7,902*
Week 11, 12, & 13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 45,234*
Week 14-19 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 112,412*
Week 20-31 (Mar 31st-Jun 22nd): 79,009*
Week 32-40 (Jun 23rd-Aug 24th): 94,750*

Total: 1,136,312* (+94,750)

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 110,303*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 62,917*
Third Week (9th-15th): 49,606*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 50,420*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 31,100*
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 16,826*
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 8,956*
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 6,021*
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 6,395*
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 6,949*
Week 11-12 (3rd-16th): 12,961*
Week 13-18 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 66,500*
Week 19-30 (Mar 31st-Jun 22nd): 64,453*
Week 31-39 (Jun 23rd-Aug 24th): 45,941*

Total: 517,323* (+45,941)

First Day (8th-9th): 72,121
Second Week (10th-16th): 41,497
Third Week (17th-23rd): 51,373
Forth Week (24th-30th): 40,570
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 41,426
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 11,703
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 8,740
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 5,914
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 5,019*
Tenth Week (4th-10th): 4,596*
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 4,187*
Week 12-18 (Feb 18th-Mar 31st): 18,405*
Week 19-29 (Apr 31st-Jun 22nd): 20,668*
Week 30-38 (Jun 23rd-Aug 25th): 20,059*

Total: 349,553* (+20,059)

Total: 28,4741* (+24,200)

Grand Total: 2,287,929* (+184,950)

2. 000+/- New Super Mario Bros. U:
2012: 580,000
Jan-July 2013: 250,000
Aug 4th-Aug 10th: 7,353* 
Aug 11th-Aug 17th: 6,904*
Aug 18th-Aug 24th: 6,770*

Total: 851,027* (+35,996) (includes some eShop data)

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 79,518*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 44,107*
Third Week (9th-15th): 36,812*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 39,836*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 30,339*
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 16,289*
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 9,238*
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 5,991*
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 6,231*
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 6,918*
Week 11, 12, & 13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 12,723*
Week 13-18 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 38,172*
Week 19-30 (Mar 31st-Jun 22nd): 53,019*
Week 31-39 (Jun 23rd-Aug 24th): 29,933*

Total: 409,126* (+29,933)

First Day (8th-9th): 163,528
Second Week (10th-16th): 71,011
Third Week (17th-23rd): 77,749
Forth Week (24th-30th): 56,321
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 50,319
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 12,400
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 9,598
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 6,883
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 6,338
Tenth Week (4th-10th): 5,808*
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 5,660*
Week 12-17 (Feb 18th-Mar 31st): 26,946*
Week 19-29 (Apr 31st-Jun 22nd): 29,101*
Week 30-38 (Jun 23rd-Aug 25th): 29,587

Total: 551,249* (+29,587)

Total: 218,863* (+15,450)

Grand Total: 2,030,265* (+110,966)

3. 000+/- ZombiU:
First Week (18th-24th): 78,965*
Second Week (25th-1st): 11,000*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 14,001
Forth Week (9th-15th): 13,398*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 8,235*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 3,938*
Seventh Week (30th-5th): 5,343*
Eighth Week (6th-12th): 2,874* (+261)
Ninth Week (13th-19th): 2,369* (+215)
Tenth Week (20th-26th): 2,901* (+264)
Week 11-13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 8,395*
Week 14-19 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 24,835*
Week 20-31 (Mar 31st-Jun 22nd): 21,897*
Week 32-40 (Jun 23rd-Aug 24th): 21,461*

Total: 220,352* (+22,201)

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 46,287*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 20,951*
Third Week (9th-15th): 15,851*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 13,841*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 8,797*
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 4,224*
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 2,909*
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 2,324*
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 2,128*
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 2,179*
Week 11 & 12 (3rd-16th): 5,315*
Week 13-18 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 25,144*
Week 19-30 (Mar 31st-Jun 22nd): 17,596*
Week 31-39 (Jun 23rd-Aug 24th): 13,227*

Total: 172,413* (+13,227)

First 2 Days (8th-10th): 12,497*
Second Week (10th-16th): 4,229*
Third Week (17th-23rd): 3,061*
Forth Week (24th-30th): 2,337*
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 2,513*
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 1,136*
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 1,152*
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 1,126*
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 1,113*
Tenth Week (4th-10th): 1,030*
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 991*
Week 12-17 (Feb 18th-Mar 31st): 5,435*
Week 19-29 (Apr 31st-Jun 22nd): 5,602*
Week 30-38 (Jun 23rd-Aug 25th): 2,543*

Total: 44,765* (+2,543)

Total: 66,819* (+5,940)

Grand Total: 503,609* (+43,171)

4. 001+ Lego City Undercover
US (Mar 18th-Aug 24th): 224,727* (+31,029)
Europe (Mar 28th-Aug 24th): 140,216* (+19,820)
Japan (Jul 25th-Aug 25th): 38,522* (NEW)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 62,482* (+8,702)

Grand Total: 465,947* (+98,073)

5. NEW Pikmin 3
US (Aug 4th-Aug 24th): 144,640* 
Europe (Jul 26th-Aug 24th): 62,029*
Japan (Jul 13th-Aug 25th): 175,765
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 35,624* 

Grand Total: 418,058* 

6. 002- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
US (Mar 19th-Aug 24th): 86,376* (+12,595)
Europe (Mar 22nd-Aug 24th): 81,380* (+10,354)
Japan (Dec 8th-Aug 25th): 216,066* (+4,006)
Other (Mar 19th-Aug 24th): 28,488* (+3,908)

Grand Total: 412,310 (+30,863) 

7. 001- Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed
US (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 98,483* (+4,756)
Europe (Nov 30th-Aug 24th): 117,644* (+6,153)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 36,531* (+1,844)

Grand Total: 252,658* (+12,753)

8. 001- Just Dance 4
US (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 115,233* (+6,317)
Europe (Nov 30th-Aug 24th): 59,280* (+4,343)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 29,981 (+1,820)

Grand Total: 204,494* (+12,480)

9. 001- Call of Duty: Black Ops II
US (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 108,927* (+3,028)
Europe (Nov 30th-Aug 24th): 58,433* (+4,072)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 28,735* (+1,198)

Grand Total: 196,095* (+8,298)

10. 000+/- Assassin's Creed III
US (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 81,283* (+8,023)
Europe (Nov 30th-Aug 24th): 68,139* (+7,726)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 25,439* (+2,675)

Grand Total: 174,861* (+18,424)

11. 002- Scribblenauts: Unlimited
US (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 139,754* (+5,416)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 26,186* (+1,083)

Grand Total: 165,940* (+6,499)

12. 001- Batman: Arkham City
US (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 83,217* (+4,343)
Europe (Nov 30th-Aug 24th): 57,225* (+6,921)
Other (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 24,001* (+1,891)

Grand Total: 164,443* (+13,155)

13. 001- Skylanders Giants
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 149,162* (+12,207)

14. NEW New Super Luigi U (RETAIL ONLY)
Grand Total (Jun 19th-Aug 24th EU & JP--Set 1st US): 121,400

15. 002- Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 116,339* (+7,457)

16. 002- ESPN: Sports Connection
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 105,647* (+7,933)

17. 002+ Game & Wario
Grand Total (Mar 28th-Aug 24th): 99,497* (+40,739)

18. 003- Darksiders II
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 85,832* (+4,491)

19. 002- Dragon Quest X
Grand Total (Mar 30th-Aug 24th): 85,508* (+13,992)

20. 004- FIFA 13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 85,373* (+5,551)

21. 003- Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 75,128* (+7,322)

22. 001- Mass Effect 3
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 63,368* (+7,611)

23. 003- Sing Party
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 57,218* (+1,334)

24. NEW Disney Infinity
Grand Total (Aug 18th-Aug 24th EU--Set 1st US): 56,533* 

25. 004- Injustice: Gods Among Us
Grand Total (Apr 16th-Aug 24th): 53,660* (+7,394)

26. 002- Resident Evil: Revelations
Grand Total (May 21st-Aug 24th): 52,725* (+12,536)

27. 002- Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 46,195* (+5,558)

28. 003- Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 43,825* (+4,103)

29. 004+ Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
Grand Total (Mar 19th-Jun 22nd): 40,468* (+10,504)

30. 004- Transformers Prime
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 40,239* (+1,924)

31. 004- WipeOut 3 The Game
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 40,123* (+2,188)

32. 004- 007 Legends
Grand Total (Dec 7th-Jun 22nd): 38,611* (+1,694)

33. 004- Game Party: Champions
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 37,401* (+2,005)

35. 003- Tank! Tank! Tank!
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 37,395* (+6,898) incomplete

36. 006- Madden NFL 13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 36,784* (+3,243)

37. 005- Ninja Gaiden 3
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 32,763* (+2,706)

38 004- Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 30,451* (+1,996)

39. 004- The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Grand Total (Mar 19th-Jun 22nd): 23,089* (+3,278)

40. 004- NBA 2K13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 20,702* (+2,551) incomplete

41. 003- The Amazing Spider-Man
Grand Total (Mar 5th-Jun 22nd): 19,133* (+4,412)

42. 005- Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (Japan Only)
Grand Total (Feb 2nd-Jun 22nd): 17,169* (+1,578)

43. NEW The Wonderful 101
Grand Total (Aug 23rd-Aug 24th EU--Set 1st JP): 16,668

44. NEW Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Grand Total (Aug 20th-Aug 24th): 12,515

45. 006- Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Jun 22nd): 10,167* (+697)

46. NEW Disney's Planes
Grand Total (Aug 6th-Aug 24th): 8,130

47. 007- The Croods: Prehistoric Party!
Grand Total (Mar 19th-Jun 22nd): 6,996 (+1,125)

48. NEW The Smurfs 2
Grand Total (Jul 19th-Aug 24th): 3,252 incomplete

49. NEW Rabbids Land
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Aug 24th): 3,188 incomplete

50. 009- Sniper Elite V2
Grand Total (May 25th-Aug 24th): 2,527 (+754)

Overall Games Sold Grand Total: 9,051,790 (+1,306,399)

Games Sold Per Console: 2.65817881748 (+0.212998137)

First & Second Party Games Sold: 5,439,764 (+990,854)

First & Second Party Games Sold Per Console: 1.59745922485 (+0.192960888)

Third Party Games Sold: 3,612,026 (+315,545)

Third Party Games Sold Per Console: 1.06071959 (+0.020037247)

Nintendo eShop Top 20 US 9/6/2013
  1. Pokémon Rumble U
  2. The Legand of Zelda
  3. DuckTales: Remastered
  4. Art Academy: SketchPad
  5. EarthBound
  6. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  7. Super Mario World
  8. Trine 2: Director's Cut
  9. Rayman Legends
  10. Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  11. Pikmin 3
  12. Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
  13. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  14. Galaga
  15. Super Mario Bros. 2
  16. Super Metroid
  17. Breath of Fire II
  18. Mega Man X
  19. Nano Assault Neo
  20. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Nintendo eShop Top 20 Best Sellers of All Time US as of 9/6/2013
  1. Super Metroid
  2. Kirby's Adventure
  3. Super Mario World
  4. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. F-Zero
  7. Yoshi
  8. Balloon Fight
  9. EarthBound
  10. Trine 2: Directors Cut
  11. Super Mario Bros. 2
  12. Nano Assault Neo
  13. Little Inferno
  14. Mega Man X
  15. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
  16. The Cave
  17. New Super Mario Bros. U
  18. DuckTales: Remastered
  19. Art Academy: SketchPad
  20. Nintendo Land
Nintendo eShop Top 20 Best Selling Virtual Console Titles of All Time US as of 9/6/2013
  1. Super Metroid
  2. Kirby's Adventure
  3. Super Mario World
  4. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. F-Zero
  7. Yoshi
  8. Balloon Fight
  9. EarthBound
  10. Super Mario Bros. U
  11. Mega Man X
  12. Mega Man
  13. Kirby Super Star
  14. Mega Man 2
  15. Kirby's Dream Land 3
  16. The Legend of Zelda
  17. Pacman
  18. Ghosts'n Goblins
  19. Kirby's Dream Course
  20. Super Ghosts'n Goblins
Nintendo eShop Top 20 Best Selling None-VC Titles of All Time US as of 9/6/2013
  1. Trine 2: Directors Cut
  2. Nano Assault Neo
  3. Little Inferno
  4. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
  5. The Cave
  6. New Super Mario Bros. U
  7. DuckTales: Remastered
  8. Art Academy: SketchPad
  9. Nintendo Land
  10. Bit.Trip Presents... Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
  11. Pikmin 3
  12. Pokémon Rumble U
  13. Puddle
  14. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  15. Lego City Undercover
  16. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  17. ZombiU
  18. Chasing Aurora
  19. Toki Tori 2
  20. Scribblenauts Unlimited
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