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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wii U Sales Rise +128% in US Following Price Drop and Release of Wind Waker HD Bundle ☆ The Wonderful 101 sales 15K at US Launch

Following the price drop and release of Wind Waker HD Bundle in the US, Wii U sales have risen from 8,612 the week ending September 14th to 19,617 the week ending September 21st. This is the highest Wii U sales have been in the US since the week ending March 30th when the Wii U sold 20,116 units, and the third highest amount sold in a week for the US in all of 2013. This nearly reaches the 23,799 PS3's sold in the US on the same week of life (Sep. 15th 2007).

Meanwhile the worldwide sales were brought up from from 20,946 (Sep. 14th) to 33,964 (Sep. 21st). Remember though NA is the only region to receive a price drop/bundle at this time--bundles will be dropping in EU on Oct. 4th and Oct. 31st in JP. So just stay tuned another few weeks to fully see what the price drop/bundles do.
In other news, The Wonderful 101 sold 15,134 units in its US launch week bringing the total worldwide sales up to around 44-45K.

Disclaimer -- All sales numbers taken from VGC and are likely to be off by 5-20%, but unless you have a better source at this time don't complain. 

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