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Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Week After Price Drop ☆ Wii U Sales in the US Rise Another 37%

In an unexpected turn of events, the US sales of the Wii U rose another 37% to 26,941--a somewhat respectable number and the highest in all of 2013--and bringing the worldwide number for last week to 43,514. This is contrary to the expected fall of Wii U sales based off past sales data, as sales generally drop the week after a major game comes out or a price drop happens.

This personally gives me great hope for the Wii U. Stay tuned for what happens next week with the Wind Waker HD bundle launching in Europe!

Disclaimer -- All sales numbers taken from VGC and are likely to be off by 5-20%, but unless you have a better source at this time don't complain.

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