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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase

Go to (it's should be on now)

To see my opinion on Nintendo's E3 Press Conference as it happens go to:

I will also be updating this post as the new games, 3DS news, you name it, is revealed!!!

Update 6:06 PM:

It's on!!!

Update 6:07 PM:

It's not on...

Update 6:12 PM:


Update 6:17 PM:


Update 6:24 PM:
Luigi's Manson

Update 6:27 PM:
Epic Mickey

Update 6:35 PM:
Paper Mario

Update 6:46 PM:
Scribblenauts Unlimited

Update 6:51 PM:
All 5 downloads that have been downloaded more then 1,000,000 times, are free

Update 7:00 PM:
New Super Mario Bros. 2 has true multipalyer.

Update 7:03 PM:

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