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Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Experience at Nintendo's E3 @ Best Buy

Today I went to one of Nintendo's E3 @ Best Buy's, my thoughts are as follows:

I'm not sure this happened at other Best Buys (at least I had no idea this would happen), but as mine required you to reserve a time to play with the Wii U. This led to a much smother experience, but also limited people to playing one game. And for those like me who arrived at Best Buy late, a very worrisome experience as well, due to the fact EVERY time was reserved within the first 90 minutes. Even though they ended up expanding the time an extra hour. Thankfully some people cancelled, so I manged to play some. I just hope they fix that next year by having more places with demos.

Now for the game, Super Mario 3D World is...... awesome. While it's a lot like 3D Land you can tell it was made for a home console, the levels are a lot more expansive and the graphics are actually beautiful. Add the orchestrated music and it'll be amazing. Some people are complaining about how it doesn't have online multiplayer, thankfully for those I can safely confirm the multiplayer doesn't really add anything to the game unless you're playing with people in the same room in my opinion. Amazingly even with only playing one game (and watching others play), I'm satisfied. 

Oh yeah, I went a few miles out of my way to visit (even though it's closed on weekends)......

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