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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yet Another Post Proving the Wii U's Power

Since some people still believe there is no Wii U ports, that look better than what the PS3/Xbox 360 ports. I have made this post to let them see for themselves weather or not, the Wii U has better graphics:

In the PS3 version: textures aren't as clear, the explosion looks less real, the sky is less detailed, the blimp isn't included, banners on the building aren't included and the draw distance is less (blurry buildings).  In the Wii U version:  Lots and lots of detail, better textures, large draw distance, and amazing sky.

Wii U version: better lighting.
(click on photo to make bigger) Note the Wii U version's extra contrast and defined edges.
(click on photo to make bigger) The Wii U version has much better textures (see the wood on the wall), more detailed grass, and larger draw distance. (The reason the Wii U version darker and has a reflection is because it was video taped  off a television screen at E3)

Well, what do you think? Witch has better graphics? Comment below!


  1. I'm not buying the system for the graphics but this is still nice.

  2. hmmm,must be too expensive if it performs this well


    1. Nintendo stated it wouldn't be overpriced ^.^

  3. Hmmmm; the first picture is interesting. Wii U has better graphics from a distance; but PS3 is better on the near sighted graphics. Although it should be noted that the Batman on Wii U is a special edition so it's likely to have more stuff in it. Again; that's just the way the cards are dealt.

    The second picture is almost exactly the same. And the Assassin Creed 3 pics are better on Wii U at this point. So Assassin Creed 3 basically dictates Wii U's graphical power.

    Suraj: PS3 is around $250 now; and that is where Wii U is going to be priced at.


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