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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pikmin 3 93K Units First Week, Wii U Sales Rise 270%

New Super Mario Bros. U 163,528
Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate 106,388
Pikmin 3: 92,720
Nintendo Land: 72,121
Dragon Quest X: 33,302

Meanwhile the Wii U sales increased 270% to 22,199. The best week the Wii U has had in Japan since the week of March 25th-March 31st.
May 27th-Jun 2nd: 6,680
Jun 3rd-Jun 9th: 6,330
Jun 10th-Jun 16th: 5,983
Jun 17th-Jun 23rd: 5,329
Jun 24th-Jun 30th: 7,060
Jul 1st-Jul 7th: 8,251
Jul 8th-Jul 15th: 22,199

Based off this and lots of other data, I'm willing to guess the Wii U will sale as much as the PS3 and 360 did in their first year of life. But a 3DS-like turn around this year to Wii-like sales is now almost 100% out of the question (it was never likely in the first place). It'll be interesting to see what Pikmin 3 (and the hardware) does in Europe in a few weeks.

The Pikmin 3 sales are quite good considering it's a niche game, the Wii U's install base, and the time of year it was released. For comparison the first Pikmin sold 101,000 in it's first week in Japan which was near to the launch of the GameCube and close to the Holiday season (both meaning it would have received higher sales) and then quickly fell to around 10-15K a week.

Anyways, overall while it wasn't a bad week, it isn't perfect ether.

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