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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pikmin 3 Sales 115K Units in US on Launch Week ★ US Wii U Sales Up +79%

Pikmin 3 sold 114,828 units in the US on launch week making it the best launch for any Wii U title in the US since the launch of the Wii U and bringing the total amount of Pikmin 3 games sold to 318,137 worldwide (154,704 Japan, 41,800 Europe, 114,828 US). The launch of Pikmin 3 also increased Wii U sales in the US by 79% to 16,349--the highest they've been since the week ending March 30th.

Disclaimer: All data except the Japanese date comes from VGChartz and is likely to be 25%-35% off hardware sales and 10%-25% off Software sales.

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