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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wii Street U Trailer!

Looks cool!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Technology Hobbit Chat: Xbox 720, Hearthfire, VGM, Off-Topic, And I'm Posting This 3 Months Late

And now the moment you've all been waiting for..... The Third Edition Of The Technology Hobbit Chat..... which was done in September, and I never got around to editing all the off-topicness. Until now. Anyway, if you want to read even older chats go to: I hope to start doing these chats again soon!
TechnoHobbit: Welcome to the third edition of The Technology Hobbit Chat, I am your host TechnoHobbit, and to day I have with me.....

EwokLemonade: <-

DJFluffyKittyCat: Hey whats up guys I'm DJFluffyKittyCat and im glad to be back. Its been a while.

EwokLemonade: You said it sister

TechnoHobbit: Yep

DJFluffyKittyCat: So what have we got today?

EwokLemonade: Yes, What HAVE we got today?

TechnoHobbit: Umm......... Xbox 720!

DJFluffyKittyCat: YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJFluffyKittyCat: um... erm... sorry.

TechnoHobbit: You guys are Xbox fans, so what do you want from your next console?

EwokLemonade: Sorry. I'm back. There was some pie involved

TechnoHobbit: Pie!!!!

EwokLemonade: Chocolate cream

DJFluffyKittyCat: I dont know, The 360 was has so much. Whatever Microsoft can do to make it better I say do it.

EwokLemonade: I want EVERYTHING from the 720!!!!

TechnoHobbit: Right now the rumors say it's codenamed "Durango."

EwokLemonade: The 720?

TechnoHobbit: ^Yes^.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Other then motion senser remotes because XBOX does not need to lower itself to that level.

EwokLemonade: Yeah...

DJFluffyKittyCat: And because it has your body senser remote. Which is dah best.

TechnoHobbit: @DJ does Kinect count? (as a motion senser remote)

DJFluffyKittyCat: Kinect isn't a motion controller. You are the controller which is better.  So no it doesn't count.

EwokLemonade: Yepyep

TechnoHobbit: Ah well I guess you will be happy to know the Xbox 720 is rumored to have the Kinect 2 built in.

DJFluffyKittyCat: That sounds pretty legit.

EwokLemonade: Personally, I'm hoping that eventually, instead of you just being the controller, the controller can connect to your nervous system an you can be IN the game.

EwokLemonade: And after that, I'll want my own TARDIS.

DJFluffyKittyCat: That would be awesome. Sadly that will be a ways a way.  3:36 PM

DJFluffyKittyCat: TARDIS? Sorry that's from doctor who. Which I'm going to start.

EwokLemonade: Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Coolz Coolz.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Well anything else on the 720?

EwokLemonade: I'm a Whovian

EwokLemonade: Oh right, the 720.

TechnoHobbit: There was a huge leak awhile ago, and it said that it would have some type of virtual reality

DJFluffyKittyCat: I will be back in a sec i have to pick tomatos.

EwokLemonade: I want Churro Machines, Slushy dispensers, and Foot massages from the 720.

EwokLemonade: And I want Super Powers from it.

EwokLemonade: And some Magic Beans

EwokLemonade: edited out by Tech.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Woah there ewok thats a little far.

EwokLemonade: And...

DJFluffyKittyCat: Lets get on track here.

EwokLemonade: too much?

DJFluffyKittyCat: Don't make it like last time

TechnoHobbit: ^   lets hope not^ Anyway since I'm a PC/Nintendo fanboy, and feel like trolling, some bad stuff Rumored about the Xbox 720: constant internet connection, and Anti-Used Games

DJFluffyKittyCat: Huh? Simpler please.

EwokLemonade: Anti-Used games?

DJFluffyKittyCat: Yah whats that?

TechnoHobbit: They want to make it so you can't use Used Games, remember though it's just a rumor...... heh heh heh.

EwokLemonade: But half of the games at major game selling stores are used.

DJFluffyKittyCat: And? that's not bad. makes it so you get perfect discs, instead of scratched ones.

TechnoHobbit: Some people think it's good, some people think it's bad.

EwokLemonade: Yeah, but you have to pay full price as opposed to half used price.

DJFluffyKittyCat: So? I'm rich. it no madder to meh.

TechnoHobbit: I'm with Eowk.

EwokLemonade: Lol. I didn't know that farming got so mug income, DJ.

TechnoHobbit: (thankfully Nintendo has said the Wii U will allow used games )

DJFluffyKittyCat: Still Wii U is made by Nintendo so it wont be better than 720.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Ever.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Even in ∞ years.

EwokLemonade: Wow.

TechnoHobbit: Anti-Nintendo are you?

DJFluffyKittyCat: yup.

DJFluffyKittyCat: OK. Next topic?

TechnoHobbit: You want to choose?

DJFluffyKittyCat: Yes I will.

EwokLemonade: What is it?

DJFluffyKittyCat: Hearthfire. It is an update for the bethesda game Skyrim. Here's a video:

EwokLemonade: Ugh.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Shut up ewok.

EwokLemonade: Not this again.

DJFluffyKittyCat: You don't even have Skyrim. lolololol!!

EwokLemonade: This has been all he's been talking about recently, Tech Hob

DJFluffyKittyCat: Ewok go die in a hole. It's all any skyrim fan is talking about dude.

EwokLemonade: No, it's overly obsessed fans that talk nonstop like you.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Shut up. at least I'm not a nerd, cuz only nerds watch doctor who.

TechnoHobbit: Is this real (the video)?

DJFluffyKittyCat: Yah.

TechnoHobbit: Wow, I guess it's cool  and stop being so off topic! lol

EwokLemonade: He started it.

EwokLemonade: All I said was "ugh" and went off with "Shut up Ewok".

TechnoHobbit: This DLC  is only $5, not bad.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Yah. Being able to build a house kind of reminds me of minecraft. And 5 bucks?  I didn't know it was this cheap until now. I will get it the day it comes out.

TechnoHobbit: Looks sort-of like the Sims to me.

EwokLemonade: I'll admit hearthfire sounds cool. But not if I hear about it constantly.

DJFluffyKittyCat: edited out

EwokLemonade: Lol

EwokLemonade: Anyways, Hearthfire?

EwokLemonade: Lol

Edited out about 10 minutes

TechnoHobbit: Lets change the topic..

EwokLemonade: ...

EwokLemonade: ok.

DJFluffyKittyCat: yah.

DJFluffyKittyCat: ewok your turn to choose.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Don't vegans like not have anything from animals?

TechnoHobbit: @DJ yes

EwokLemonade: Changing the topic, remember?

DJFluffyKittyCat: Yah it's just a question tho.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Wait so isn't it not just food but like you cant where leather and stuff right?

TechnoHobbit: @Dj yep no animal stuff whatsoever.

EwokLemonade: How about the recent advances in technology allowing scientists to change certain cells which could eventually lead to things such as cures for cancer and others and maybe immortality? or we could talk about new (editors note: even more off topic then the other thing he said so I'm getting rid of it)

TechnoHobbit: Uhhh, lets do recent advances in technology allowing scientists to change certain cells which could eventually lead to things such as cures for cancer and others and maybe immortality?

DJFluffyKittyCat: ok......

TechnoHobbit: Or favorite VGM (aka "Video Game Music").

EwokLemonade: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

DJFluffyKittyCat: ok vgm.

TechnoHobbit: Sorry Ewok

EwokLemonade: But... (editors note: getting rid of this too)​

EwokLemonade: *Sigh* ok VGM

DJFluffyKittyCat: my favorite is this.......

EwokLemonade: My favorite song from any video game is definitely Legend of Zelda stuff. The main theme, Primarily

TechnoHobbit: @Dj Yes yes?! @Ewok same here.


DJFluffyKittyCat: ohhhh yeah....

DJFluffyKittyCat: It reminds meh of pirates of the caribbean.

EwokLemonade: It does...

EwokLemonade: But if we are talking main movie themes, my favorite is Back to the Future.

DJFluffyKittyCat: hah.

TechnoHobbit: That's good. Makes me want to play that game.

EwokLemonade: And if we are talking favorite movies, Back to the Future is my favorite there, too.

EwokLemonade: And if we are talking favorite eras, mine is the 80's.

DJFluffyKittyCat: My favorite movie is the dark knight rises.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Favorite era is right now.

EwokLemonade: That was a good one, but Back to the Future is a classic.


DJFluffyKittyCat: Dude that makes me want to play that game.

TechnoHobbit: Yeah, I want to replay it now.

EwokLemonade: Awesome.

EwokLemonade: I need that game.

DJFluffyKittyCat: Same.


DJFluffyKittyCat: cool makes me tired.

DJFluffyKittyCat:  Ok well I have to go now.

TechnoHobbit: Ok.

EwokLemonade: Yeah we should end it here.

TechnoHobbit: Bye! Thanks for chatting!

DJFluffyKittyCat: Yeah see you next time. Bye.

EwokLemonade: Thank you! ........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´​¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../..​...../¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\..............​...'...../ ..........''...\........​.. _.·´ ............\...........​...( BROFIST ...........

EwokLemonade: That didn't work... Did it?

DJFluffyKittyCat: oh wait whats that behivjngdfhgejiuhdd znj hkIL:aJFK N<hbuy,ol;./'jlKl;

EwokLemonade: BYE GUISE!!

TechnoHobbit: Next time I'm going to talk and talk and talk about the Wii U/sorry, BYE again!

EwokLemonade: I LUV YOUZ

DJFluffyKittyCat: Its k see you!!!!!!!!

EwokLemonade: Bye-bye

TechnoHobbit: Wii U rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!

EwokLemonade: .. MEAT RULES

EwokLemonade left the chat

TechnoHobbit: Wrong 
This end the forth chat. Hopefully we can start doing it again!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yoshi’s Land, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Little Big Plant Art Style Comparison

In Yesterdays Nintendo Direct, they announced--among other things--a new Yoshi game, from what I've seen of it I really like the art style. It's like a cross between Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Little Big Plant. Anyway, here's a small comparison of the art styles:
Yoshi Land:

Kirby's Epic Yarn:

Little Big Plant:
Thoughts? Are you looking forward to the new Yoshi game?

Monday, January 7, 2013

★ ☆ ✰ ★ 2.43 Million Wii U's Sold! ~ Wii U Sales Update 2 ~ 10 Games Have 100,000+ In sales★ ☆ ✰ ★

2,430,053 to be exact. Welcome to the third weekly Wii U sales update--a few weeks late! This is your one stop place for everything Wii U sales, and I do mean everything, but before we start lets go over a few things:

Sales Update Overview
Unlike most sales updates, I use tons of different sources, and when more reliable sources come out, I replace the old sources. Meaning this is probably the most accurate up-to-date sales list around!

This weeks changes

Note: sales figures that have some data from VGChartz and other unreliable places are marked with a *

Wii U
First Week (18th-24th): 425,000+
Second Week (25th-1st): 130,733*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 145,229*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 151,256*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 155,441*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 82,049*

Total: 1,089,708*

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 178,615*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 90,619*
Third Week (9th-15th): 69,739*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 75,116*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 53,638*

Total: 469,064*

First Day (8th-9th): 308,570
Second Week (10th-16th): 126,916
Third Week (17th-23rd): 122,843
Forth Week (24th-30th): 77,054*

Total: 635,383*

First 5 Days (18th-24th): 50,249*
Second Week (25th-1st): 16,114*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 60,431*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 41,873*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 41,442*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 25,789*

Total: 235,898*

Grand Total: 2,430,053 (903,084+).

Games (games are listed in order of how many sales they have)

1. 000+/- Nintendo Land:
First Week (18th-24th): 323,709*
Second Week (25th-1st): 77,385*
Third Week (2nd-8th):112,427*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 120,984*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 123,828*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 65,506*
Total: 823,839*

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 124,490*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 71,663*
Third Week (9th-15th): 56,541*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 57,470*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 35,148*
Total: 346,599*

First Day (8th-9th): 72,121 (+5,538)
Second Week (10th-16th): 41,497
Third Week (17th-23rd): 51,373
Forth Week (24th-30th): 40,768*
Total: 205,759*

First Week (18th-24th): 57,125*
Second Week (25th-1st): 33,922*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 31,506*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 30,554*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 31,208*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 17,282*
Total: 201,597*

Grand Total: 1,577,794* (678,984+)

2. 000+/- New Super Mario Bros. U:
First Week (18th-24th): 243,000
Second Week (25th-1st): 62,104*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 78,511*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 85,276*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 92,457*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 60,954*
Total: 622,302*

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 90,507*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 50,687*
Third Week (9th-15th): 41,960*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 45,407*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 34,281*
Total: 262,558*

First Day (8th-9th): 163,528 (+3,388)
Second Week (10th-16th): 71,011
Third Week (17th-23rd): 77,749
Forth Week (24th-30th): 56,082*
Total: 368,370*

First Week (18th-24th): 47,002*
Second Week (25th-1st): 25,694*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 22,106*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 21,880*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 23,708*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 16,338*
Total:  156,728*

Grand Total: 1,409,958* (630,207+)

3. 000+/- ZombiU:
First Week (18th-24th): 78,965*
Second Week (25th-1st): 19,391*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 23,942
Forth Week (9th-15th): 20,676*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 12,709*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 6,076*
Total: 157,009*

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 52,922*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 25,719
Third Week (9th-15th): 18,068*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 15,776*
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 10,026*
Total: 120,510*

First 2 Days (8th-10th): 12,497*
Second Week (10th-16th): 4,229*
Third Week (17th-23rd): 3,061*
Forth Week (24th-30th): 2,337*
Total: 22,124*

First Week (18th-24th): 13,935*
Second Week (25th-1st): 12,037*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 8,412*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 6,590*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 4,811*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 2,704*
Total: 48,489*

Grand Total: 346,968* (100,965+)

4. 000+/- Call of Duty: Black Ops II
US (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 102,289* (24,719+)

Europe (30th-1st): 37,830* (16,673+)

Other (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 24,211* (10,911+)

Grand Total: 164,330* (48,469+)

5. 000+/- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Japan (8th-30th): 162,320 (+55,866)

Grand Total: 162,320 (+55,866)

6. 003+ Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed
US (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 72,364* (37,800+)

Europe (Nov 30th-Dec 29th): 60,862* (39,232+)

Other (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 22,678* (12,325+)

Grand Total: 155,904* (84,969+)

7. 000+/- Just Dance 4
US (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 87,631* (33,465+)

Europe (30th-1st): 37,744* (16,265+)

Other (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 21,610* (9,513+)

Grand Total: 146,985* (65,388+)

8. 001- Scribblenauts: Unlimited
US (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 111,465* (38,238+)

NEW Europe (Nov 30th-Dec 29th): 1,389 (1,389+)

Other (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 19,897 (6352+)

Grand Total: 132,751* (46,601+)

9. 001+ Assassin's Creed III
US (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 61,343* (21,641+)

Europe (30th-8th): 30,391* (17,948+)

Other (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 15,774* (5,995+)

Grand Total: 107,508* (46,331+)

10. 002- Batman: Arkham City
US (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 66,122* (21,434+)

Europe (30th-8th): 25,260* (13,226+)

Other (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 15,780* (7,897+)

Grand Total: 107,162* (40,595+)

11. 000+/- Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 84,921* (34,034+)

12. 000+/- ESPN: Sports Connection
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 70,985* (31,088+)

13. 000+/- Skylanders Giants
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 64,149* (28,423+)

14. 002+ FIFA 13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 55,682* (30,167+)

15. 001- Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 48,020* (16,159+)

16. 002+ Darksiders II
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 46,050* (25,629+)

17. 003- Sing Party
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 43,362* (12,677+)

18. 000+/- Mass Effect 3
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 39,840* (13,995+)

19. 002+ WipeOut 3 The Game
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 29,827* (13,548+)

20. 000+/- Transformers Prime
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 28,057* (11,878+)

21. 002- 007 Legends
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 27,995* (9,410+)

22. NEW Madden NFL 13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 27,748* (NEW)

23. 001- Game Party: Champions
Grand Total (18th-8th): 22,788* (8,581+)

24. NEW Ninja Gaiden 3
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 19,482* (NEW)

25. 001- Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 18,837* (10,775+)

26. NEW Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 17,111* (NEW)

23. 000+/- Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Dec 29th): 13,988* (4,346+)

Overall Games Sold Grand Total: 4,175,985 (1,254,277+)

Games Sold Per Console: 1.71847486454 (0.194928747-)

But wait, there's more to the story than just the retail sales data. Most of the games are also sold in the eShop (sadly Nintendo doesn't disclose actual sales numbers):
  1. Trine 2
  2. Little Inferno
  3. New Super Mario Bros. U
  4. Nano Assault Neo
  5. Chasing Aurora
  6. Mighty Switch Force!
  7. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  8. ZombiU
  9. Scribblenauts Unlimited
  10. Assassin’s Creed 3
  11. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
  12. Darksiders 2
  13. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  14. Madden NFL 13
  15. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
  16. Just Dance 4
  17. Wheel of Fortune
  18. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
  19. Nintendo Land
  20. Jeopardy
And now for my thoughts:
Only 3,069,947 away from the 5.5 Million Sales Goal! Meaning they only need 236,149 Wii U sold per week, I think they can do it, or at least get within 250,000 units of that goal. 

I will be posting in another post in a few minutes. 
If you want more detailed data for any game just ask me! Also do you have any ideas to make this better? And of course, discuss!

Big Pokemon Info Incoming!

That's 3AM PST.... You can watch it here: