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Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Technology Q&A: To get the new iPad or to get the Kindle Fire

The question I will answer today is: "What will the new iPad do for me that a Kindle Fire won't?"

Hard question.  First let's look at the pros of the Kindle Fire, then at what the new iPad do will for you that a Kindle Fire won't.

What the Kindle Fire will do for you that the new iPad won't:
  • Only $199 dollars (the cheapest version of the new iPad costs $499)
  • A gorilla glass screen (advantage:  it's harder to break and scratch than the iPad's screen)
  • It's smaller (easier to carry with you).
  • Free cloud storage

What the new iPad will do for you that a Kindle Fire won't:

  • A screen with a resolution of 2048×1536 (the Kindle Fire screen has a resolution of 600×1024 and 2048×1536 is higher than an HDTV, advantage: the iPad's screen will be nicer to look at)
  • An A5X processor that has a dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics (the Kindle Fire has a dual-core processor, advantage: the iPad will be faster and have better graphics)
  • A front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera (the Kindle Fire doesn't have any camera, advantage: you will be able to take pictures)
  • More apps (the Kindle Fire has a lot of apps but the iPad has a lot more) 
  • A 9.7 inch screen (the Kindle Fire has a 7 inch screen, advantage: a bigger screen [that can also be a disadvantage in that it can be harder to carry with you])
  • The cheapest iPad has 16GB of space (the Kindle Fire has 8GB of space [you do get free cloud storage though] advantage: more space to store things while you don't have Wi-Fi).
  • It's Apple.

 My advice is if you have the money, even though the Kindle Fire is really good, go with the the new iPad (another alternative is the not-yet-released MeMo 370T -- it has Android Ice Cream Sandwich and specs almost matching to better than the new iPad's all for $250, but we don't know when it's going to be released; it could be in a few months or never).

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