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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Technology Hobbit Chat: New guy, Project C.A.R.S, HALO 4

TechnoHobbit: Welcome to the second edition of The Technology Hobbit Chat, I am your host TechnoHobbit, and to day I have with me.....

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yo whats up. I'm DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat.

EwokLemonade: Hey guys, im EwokLemonade

TechnoHobbit: Is there anything technology or video game related you guys want to chat about today?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I'm blank Ewok any ideas?

EwokLemonade: No ideas.

TechnoHobbit: I guess I will choose a topic. . . There's this new racing game called Project Cars, that going to come out in 2013 it looks cool, here are some videos:

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: What game system will it be for?

TechnoHobbit: It going to be for: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: This looks pretty cool.

EwokLemonade: Yeah. I'm not one for racing games, but it seems cool.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I like the side mirror thing.

TechnoHobbit: Yeah.

EwokLemonade: Yea

TechnoHobbit: Anyone want to choose the next topic?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Techno do you play Minecraft?

TechnoHobbit: Nope not yet.

EwokLemonade: Minecraft is an awesome game.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Well Ewok and I do. But there is this new HUGE update coming for it and it looks awesome.

TechnoHobbit: I'm going to have to try it!

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: It is fun. Ewok and I play multiplayer together for like hours at a time and it is seriously adicting.

TechnoHobbit: I have heard that there some Zelda themed stuff on Minecraft.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Zelda themed stuff?

TechnoHobbit: Like the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's overworld.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Oh. you can like make a map and like a story line and stuff. and then you can make a folder and save the map to that folder. then people can download the map folder and play your map.

TechnoHobbit: Ah

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: They are called adventure maps

TechnoHobbit: I have to play this game!

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yea.

TechnoHobbit: Ok PS3 Super Slim: are the rumors true or false    I'm thinking they are true, though it's weird that Sony didn't show it off at E3.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I think the rumors are probably true, but I'm not exited.

TechnoHobbit: Same here

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I have a PS3, but it isn't really my thing. The biggest argument from PS3 fans are that its online accounts are free, but PS3 is for singleplayer games. There is a reason you pay for Xbox Live its better.

TechnoHobbit: The one good thing is that used PS3 are going to be cheap! (If they go under $80, I may have to buy one)

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yeah

TechnoHobbit: Anyone want to choose a topic?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Well I can't wait for HALO 4 to come out.

TechnoHobbit: I still have only seen that one video they showed at E3, it looks cool.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat:

EwokLemonade: So, where were we?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: HALO 4

EwokLemonade: Someones excited

TechnoHobbit: Looks really cool, though it has a bit too much shooting for my tastes.

EwokLemonade: Shooters are one of my favorite game types.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yah but they're just showing off the new stuff.

EwokLemonade: But they can get old.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: You can pretty much do any thing in custom games.

TechnoHobbit: The main thing I don't care for is the controls. (Editor's Note: and a minor fear of blood)

EwokLemonade: Ah. You don't like shooting with the triggers? Or is it the movement?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I like the controls. Easy and simple.

EwokLemonade: I like the controls too.  That's probably because we are so used to them though. (Editor's Note: Yeah, I admit I have only played duel analog stick shooters for 50 mins in a store)

TechnoHobbit: It's how you aim, I don't like the second analog stick. (Editor's Note: When I play a  shooter, I use my PC)

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I personally love the two anolog sticks it is awesome.

EwokLemonade: I agree.

TechnoHobbit: You see in real life I have a really good aim, in  duel  anolog sticks shooters I have a bad aim (Yes, I have a bad aim ​).

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yeah in real life it is a lot more fun to shoot.

EwokLemonade: LoL. I don't think I have ever shot a real gun, but airsoft and bb's are fun enough.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Real guns are the best 

TechnoHobbit: I never have shot a real gun (I'm have a good aim in archery, and a few other things).

EwokLemonade: Archery I have done.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I'm so jealous archery is the best thing ever invented 

TechnoHobbit: Oh, and I also have a good aim in some Wii games (like in Skyward Sword).

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: coolzi o's

EwokLemonade: I suck at aiming the bow in ALL Zelda games. I'm so ashamed 

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: 

EwokLemonade: Shut up princess, LOL.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: *princess* 

TechnoHobbit: HA HA HA. I have to go now, bye and thanks for chatting! (hope we can chat again soon!)

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yah it was fun .

EwokLemonade: This is EwokLemonade Signing off.

TechnoHobbit: Bye!!!

EwokLemonade: BUHBYE

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: autro of clapy ness 


DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: MEOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!​!
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