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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 Announced For 3DS

As most of you probably know by now The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 was announced for 3DS in today's ND! If you didn't know here's the trailer
For at least some of the game, it uses the same over world as ALTTP as you can see here:

Monday, April 15, 2013

2 Years Ago Today..... (Part 2)

Part 2
2 years ago today, 01net published the most detailed Wii2 rumor yet, and reviled the codename.... (note: this article was in French, and was translated to English using Google Translate, mistakes are likely):
Project Café. For the frog eaters that we are, the code name for the new console from Nintendo does not sound very glamorous. However, we reserve the many beautiful surprises that could make us forget the uninspired nickname, which refers to the place where they drink rather than the drink, which is temporary anyway. Curtain on the future of Nintendo!
For some time, the company did Kyoto greatest mystery of its new strategic directions. According to its CEO, Satoru Iwata, the opponent tomorrow is not Sony or Microsoft, but rather Apple . Which, in turn, plays the naive and sticks to a position could not be more ambiguous vis-à-vis the video game, never by not communicating directly upon it yet capital activity. However, behind the scenes, preparing a major conflict: Apple including poached Nintendo employees , which would suggest that the game is much more serious than suggest its official positions. As for Nintendo's answer, here it is approaching. 
A tablet as a controller  
We were talking yesterday of a lever "very original" ... and that's saying something. That the Café will be a tablet ...! Neither more nor less. Certainly, we should not expect an equivalent of the iPad. Unlike Computerandvideogames information reported by our sources say the tablet screen is not high definition, but in standard definition, less than 720p. Graphics performance have been described as modest, but sufficient for a variety of applications and concepts yet to be invented.
The VMU for Dreamcast, a gaming device that foreshadowed the Café. 
It would be a sort of "super VMU" (the device from the Dreamcast, which included a memory and a LCD screen for mini-games) on steroids. The nature of the wireless connection with the console is still a mystery. A sensor corresponding to the sensor bar of the Wii (that is to say, the receiver signals from the Wiimote) is integrated into the handle-tablet. It remains unclear how it integrates processor, even if the choice of a small ARM seems more than probable.
The handle on the billiard-shelf
Screen Size: 6 inches.
- Usability: Digital cross, L, R, two triggers, other.
- Touch Screen: single touch .
- Sensor for Wiimote (replaces the sensor bar, Wii).
- Camera : one end.
The cost to be modest, it is understood that the performance is limited and the quality of manufacture can not be compared to an iPad or most tablets on the market. Remains whether this tablet will lend itself to mobile use away from the console for games and applications independent with or without wireless connectivity. That fits in any case the continuity statements Shigeru Miyamoto, who claimed to want to move towards a " new type of control and interface " .
This innovation will certainly inspire many ideas to the developers of the Earth. The VMU for Dreamcast or the use of the Game Boy Advance as a controller with an additional screen in games such as Zelda: Four Swords gave us a taste of what you can expect from this new type of controller. One can easily imagine a lot of games for everyone to hide his hand to deploy cunning strategies of secret alliances with other players, so many impossible things when everyone is playing on a single screen. 
A cousin of the Xbox 360 
Big N decided to use an architecture very similar to that of an existing console, and properly installed, the Xbox 360. According to our sources, the Café will be slightly above the Microsoft machine in terms of power. The comparison is easy because of the striking similarity in terms of hardware. Confrontation with the PS3 is much more difficult and highly subjective. We have currently not enough evidence to comment on the issue.
The choice of architecture has important consequences. Porting Xbox 360 titles will be a cinch, ensuring an influx of games existing cost for publishers. We are forced to admire the ingenuity of Nintendo, which greatly lowers the barrier of entry for developers.
Another direct consequence backward compatibility with Wii titles (and probably GameCube titles), both architectures are of the same family. It will take to turn a few adjustments, all the basic instructions are supported in hardware. This is not yet a certainty, unlike heralded by some U.S. sites. No information has yet filtered through the media type (physical, paperless ...) used for games. Similarly, it seems that all the devices on the Wii should be compatible with the Café.
Anatomical cut Console- CPU: Custom IBM PowerPC with three cores.
- Graphics chip: AMD (ATI) - probably a serial R700, with a shader (for the management effects) later than the Xbox 360 (probably version 4.1).
- RAM : unknown. It would make sense whether a unified RAM, like the 360, with a minimum of 512 MB 
Developers, I love you 
That publishers like Ubisoft, who called a hue and cry a new console , rejoice! The Café will be presented at E3 2011, and the elements that we now know are already likely to inspire all developers on the planet, both the creative possibilities that it will offer the ease of programming. The time is decidedly developer-friendly ... It was time, some would say. The Wii console often described as a curse for third party publishers, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many developers. Nintendo has heard the message, stating its willingness to work closely with other developers, providing the outset how to create the best conditions. The choice of an architecture similar to that of the Xbox 360 clearly meets this objective. 
Other surprises to come
The handle of the coffee would be a tablet, iPad way, but with buttons.
A new golden age of games and other family entertainment or college is it about to be born? The way is open to many types of game designs innovative games creative practice alone or with others, handling organic and participatory exploration of simultaneous two sides of the same universe, etc.. One thing is certain: Nintendo has taken a big step and play a game at very high risk. The Big N will he win again as a central player in the entertainment practice of the future? We will probably begin to answer at the next E3, and more specifically, in June 2012, the date scheduled for the current console output.
In addition, our sources tell us that the coffee still holds a big, huge, a huge surprise ... it is impossible to reveal at this time. The suspense remains (almost) whole ...

Part One

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 Years Ago Today.....

The first big Wii U rumors started coming out. Game Informer started it off by saying:
Gamers have been waiting years for Nintendo to finally release its Wii successor, and Game Informer has heard from multiple sources that the company will unveil it at E3 this summer if not sooner.
We have confirmed with multiple sources that this new home system is capable of running games at HD resolutions. There are conflicting reports, however, as to whether its graphics will be comparable to those on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – meaning it could surpass or fall short of those systems. Either way it will offer competitive specifications. Moving to HD should greatly help Nintendo and its new console in getting more multi-platform triple-A titles like Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat. This, in turn, will strengthen Nintendo's historically poor relationship with third-party publishers/developers.
Soon after CVG followed saying:
Nintendo's Wii successor is set to utilise an entirely new controller and will be more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, well-placed international industry sources have told CVG.
CVG sources understand Nintendo plans to officially unveil the console, which will feature full HD visuals and graphical capabilities beyond Sony and Microsoft's current hardware, at E3 this June.
Leading games publishers have already been briefed on the new console, we understand, and launch titles from third-party developers are in the works right now.
What's most exciting about the Wii successor however is its all-new controller, which industry sources have indicated is not simply an upgraded Wii Remote, and will even feature a built-in HD screen.
Our sources did not specify whether or not the controller displays will feature any other functionality, such as that of the DS's touch screen, but it's easy to imagine the sort of innovation an extra screen could bring to Wii 2 games.
"Nintendo's plans sound unreal," one source said. "Publishers are already planning launch titles and it's all very exciting.
"The hardware is even more powerful than current HD consoles and backwards compatible with Wii. The controller will be all-new and has a HD screen on it."
We're told Nintendo plans to launch the Wii successor in late 2012, which lines up with earlier reports from other games media.
Asked to comment on today's reports earlier, a Nintendo of America spokesperson issued a straight "no comment".
To be continued....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fact: Games Sales Systems ✰ Wii U Sales Update 7 ★ ZombiU Sales Reach 400K

Welcome to the Wii U Sales Update 7. 

Sales Update Overview
Unlike most sales updates, I use multiple sources, and when more reliable sources come out, I replace the old sources. Meaning this is probably the most accurate up-to-date sales list around.

This weeks changes
I made a new section named "Top News" at the top, that showcases all of the most interesting news in this update. I have made a few other minor changes as well. More major changes will be made next update.

Note: sales figures that have some data from VGChartz or other unreliable places are marked with a *

Top News
February 2013 US sales were 24K high than expected.

Since the last update the Wii U's sales worldwide have been:
Feb. 24th-Mar. 2nd: 30,750
Mar. 3rd-Mar. 9th: 29,410
Mar. 10th-Mar. 16th: 28,152
Mar. 17th-Mar. 23rd: 58,965
Mar. 24th-Mar. 30th: 68,735

Total: 216,012

In comparison the 360 sold (back in 2006):
Feb. 19th-Feb. 25th: 80,869
Feb. 26th-Mar. 4th: 73,640
Mar. 5th-Mar. 11th: 61,215
Mar. 12th-Mar. 18th: 66,316
Mar. 19th-Mar. 25th: 103,369

Total: 385,409

And the PS3 (back in 2007):
Feb. 11th-Feb. 17th: 53,197
Feb. 18th-Feb. 24th: 49,869
Feb. 25th-Mar. 3rd: 80,401
Mar. 4th-Mar. 10th: 79,434
Mar. 11th-Mar. 17th: 58,436

Total: 321,337

And the Wii (back in 2007):
Feb. 25th-Mar. 3rd: 200,263
Mar. 4th-Mar. 10th: 181,394
Mar. 11th-Mar. 17th: 193,202
Mar. 18th-Mar. 25th: 199,293
Mar. 26th-Mar. 31st: 155,072

Total: 929,224

Wii U sales VS. 360, PS3, 3DS, etc. at week 19

The following numbers are assuming the Wii U sales an average of 50K per week for the next how-many-weeks-it-says:
Weeks Until PS3 Sales Overtake the Wii U's: 3 (April 20th)
Weeks Until 360 Sales Overtake the Wii U's: 9 (June 1st)
Weeks Until PSP Sales Overtake the Wii U's: 10 (June 8th)

New Games:
Tank! Tank! Tank! (Japan ONLY):
Feb. 18th-Feb. 23rd: 4,714
Feb. 24th-Mar. 2nd: 1,877
Mar. 3rd-Mar. 9th: 1,948
Mar. 10th-Mar. 16th: 1,984
Mar. 17th-Mar. 23rd: 2,163
Mar. 24th-Mar. 31st: 2,237

Total: 14,923

The Amazing Spider-Man:
Mar. 5th-Mar. 9th: 91 (incomplete)
Mar. 10th-Mar. 16th: 991
Mar. 17th-Mar. 23rd: 1,193
Mar. 24th-Mar. 30th: 2,870

Total: 5,145 (incomplete)

Lego City: Undercover:
Mar. 18th-Mar. 23rd: 90,416
Mar. 24th-Mar. 30th: 68,341

Total: 158,757

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct:
Mar. 19th-Mar. 23rd: 6,982
Mar. 24th-Mar. 30th: 3,655

Total: 10,637

Need for Speed: Most Wanted:
Mar. 19th-Mar. 23rd: 6,953
Mar. 24th-Mar. 30th: 4,590

Total: 11,543 

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (US & Europe ONLY):
Mar. 19th-Mar. 23rd: 61,297
Mar. 24th-Mar. 30th: 24,349

Total: 85,646

Game & Wario:
Mar. 28th-Mar 31st 22,491

Total: 22,491

Dragon Quest X
Mar. 30th-Mar. 31st: 33,302

Total:  33,302

US Pre-Order Charts (April 6th):
Pikmin 3: 45,420
Rayman Legends: 26,360
Wii Fit U: 22,398

Wii U
November 2012: 430,000
December 2012: 460,000 
January 2013: 57,000
February 2013: 64,000 (+24K)
Fifteenth Week: 9,631*
Sixteenth Week: 9,221*
Seventeenth Week: 27,280*
Eighteenth Week: 22,813*

Total: 1,079,945* (+103,464)

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 178,615*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 85,067* 
Third Week (9th-15th): 69,739*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 71,295* 
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 50,641* 
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 22,096* 
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 11,256* 
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 8,487* 
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 7,847* 
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 8,828* 
Eleventh Week (3rd-9th): 8,013*
Twelfth Week (10th-16th): 8,709*
Thirteenth Week (17th-23rd): 7,739*
Fourteenth Week (24th-2nd): 6,982*
Fifteenth Week (3rd-9th): 7,267*
Sixteenth Week (10th-16th): 6,494*
Seventeenth Week (17th-23rd): 13,606*
Eighteenth Week (24th-30th): 16,310*

Total: 596,159* (+50,659)

First Day (8th-9th): 308,570
Second Week (10th-16th): 126,916
Third Week (17th-23rd): 122,843
Forth Week (24th-30th): 69,386
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 67,083
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 20,715
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 16,654
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 13,746
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 12,959
Tenth Week (4th-10th):12,185
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 10,744
Twelfth Week (18th-24th): 9,633
Thirteenth Week (Feb 25th-Mar 3rd) 10,021
Fourteenth Week (4th-10th): 9,454
Fifteenth Week (11th-17th): 9,539
Sixteenth Week (18th-24th): 11,398
Seventeenth Week (25th-31st): 22,829

Total: 854,675 (+63,241)

Total: 288,382* (+26,617)

Grand Total: 2,819,161* (+243,981)

1. 000+/- Nintendo Land:
First Week (18th-24th): 323,709*
Second Week (25th-1st): 61,908*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 89,942*
Forth Week (9th-15th): 96,787* 
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 99,062* 
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 52,405*
Seventh Week (30th-5th): 21,421* 
Eighth Week (6th-12th): 12,312* 
Ninth Week (13th-19th): 8,807* 
Tenth Week (20th-26th): 8,598* 
Week 11, 12, & 13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 45,234* (+20,104)
Week 14 through 19 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 112,412* 

Total: 916,491* (+132,516) 

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 110,303* 
Second Week (2nd-8th): 62,917* 
Third Week (9th-15th): 49,606*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 50,420* 
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 31,100*
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 16,826*
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 8,956* 
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 6,021* 
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 6,395*
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 6,949*
Week 11 & 12 (3rd-16th): 12,961*
Week 13-18 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 66,500*

Total: 406,929* (+66,500)

First Day (8th-9th): 72,121
Second Week (10th-16th): 41,497
Third Week (17th-23rd): 51,373
Forth Week (24th-30th): 40,570
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 41,426
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 11,703
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 8,740
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 5,914
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 5,019*
Tenth Week (4th-10th): 4,596*
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 4,187*
Week 12-17 (Feb 18th-Mar 31st): 18,405*

Total: 308,826 (+18,405)

Total: 181,666* (-18,622)

Grand Total: 1,813,912* (+160,092)

2. 000+/- New Super Mario Bros. U:
2012: 580,000 
Seventh Week (30th-5th): 20,423* 
Eighth Week (6th-12th): 11,154*
Ninth Week (13th-19th): 8,569* 
Tenth Week (20th-26th): 7,469* 
Week 11, 12, & 13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 24,407*
Week 14 through 19 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 41,953*

Total: 693,975* (+41,953)

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 79,518*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 44,107*
Third Week (9th-15th): 36,812* 
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 39,836* 
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 30,339* 
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 16,289* 
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 9,238* 
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 5,991* 
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 6,231* 
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 6,918* 
Week 11, 12, & 13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 12,723*
Week 13-18 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 38,172*

Total: 326,174* (+38,172)

First Day (8th-9th): 163,528
Second Week (10th-16th): 71,011
Third Week (17th-23rd): 77,749
Forth Week (24th-30th): 56,321 
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 50,319
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 12,400
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 9,598
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 6,883
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 6,338
Tenth Week (4th-10th): 5,808*
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 5,660*
Week 12-17 (Feb 18th-Mar 31st): 26,946*

Total: 493,343* (+26,946*)

Total: 174,977* (+15,174)

Grand Total: 1,688,469* (+192,942)

3. 000+/- ZombiU:
First Week (18th-24th): 78,965*
Second Week (25th-1st): 11,000*
Third Week (2nd-8th): 14,001
Forth Week (9th-15th): 13,398*
Fifth Week (16th-22nd): 8,235*
Sixth Week (23rd-29th): 3,938* 
Seventh Week (30th-5th): 4,857* 
Eighth Week (6th-12th): 2,613* 
Ninth Week (13th-19th): 2,154* 
Tenth Week (20th-26th): 2,637* 
Week 11, 12, & 13 (Jan 27th-Feb 16th): 8,395*
Week 14 through 19 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 24,835* 

Total: 175,028* (+24,835)

First 2 Days (30th-1st): 46,287*
Second Week (2nd-8th): 20,951*
Third Week (9th-15th): 15,851*
Forth Week (16th-22nd): 13,841* 
Fifth Week (23rd-29th): 8,797* 
Sixth Week (30th-5th): 4,224* 
Seventh Week (6th-12th): 2,909* 
Eighth Week (13th-19th): 2,324* 
Ninth Week (20th-26th): 2,128* 
Tenth Week (27th-2nd): 2,179*
Week 11 & 12 (3rd-16th): 5,315*
Week 13-18 (Feb 17th-Mar 30th): 25,144*

Total: 141,590* (+25,144)

First 2 Days (8th-10th): 12,497*
Second Week (10th-16th): 4,229*
Third Week (17th-23rd): 3,061*
Forth Week (24th-30th): 2,337*
Fifth Week (31st-5th): 2,513*
Sixth Week (6th-12th): 1,136*
Seventh Week (13th-19th): 1,152*
Eighth Week (20th-27th): 1,126* 
Ninth Week (28th-3rd): 1,113*
Tenth Week (4th-10th): 1,030*
Eleventh Week: (11th-17th): 991*
Week 12-17 (Feb 18th-Mar 31st): 5,435*

Total: 36,620* (+5,435)

Total: 50,333* (+3,421)

Grand Total: 403,571* (+49,916)

4. 000+/- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Japan (Dec 8th-Mar 31st): 203,065 (+10,754)
US (Mar 19th-Mar 30th): 48,912*
Europe (Mar 22nd-Mar 30th): 36,734*
Other (Mar 19th-Mar 30th): 14,612*

Grand Total: 303,323 (+105,012)

5. 000+/- Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed
US (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 85,242* (+6,644)
Europe (Nov 30th-Mar 30th): 90,409* (+17,691)
Other (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 29,484* (+3,775)

Grand Total: 205,135* (+28,110)

6. 000-/+ Call of Duty: Black Ops II
US (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 100,670* (+3,653)
Europe (Nov 30th-Mar 30th): 48,113* (+5,446)
Other (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 25,360* (+1,294)

Grand Total: 174,143* (+10,393)

7. 000+/- Just Dance 4
US (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 102,829* (+6,385)
Europe (Nov 30th-Jan 26th): 45,601* (+5,901)
Other (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 25,486 (+3,919)

Grand Total: 173,916* (+14,291)

8. NEW Lego City Undercover
US (Mar 18th-Mar 30th): 103,210*
Europe (Mar 28th-Mar 30th): 32,107* 
Other (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 23,440*

Grand Total: 158,757*

9. 001- Scribblenauts: Unlimited
US (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 125,998* (+7,488)
Other (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 24,960 (+3,887)

Grand Total: 150,958* (+11,375)

10. 001- Assassin's Creed III
US (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 65,727* (+4,593)
Europe (Nov 30th-Feb 16th): 48,076* (+8,850)
Other (Nov 18th-Mar 30th): 19,242* (+2,039)

Grand Total: 133,045* (+9,701)

11. 001- Batman: Arkham City
US (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 70,334* (+5,050)
Europe (Nov 30th-Feb 16th): 37,927* (+7,065)
Other (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 18,454* (+1,907)

Grand Total: 126,715* (+14,022)

12. 001- Skylanders Giants
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 113,382* (+10,574)

13. 001- Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 96,081* (+7,554)

14. 001- ESPN: Sports Connection
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 85,514* (+9,444)

15. 000+/- Darksiders II
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 67,471* (+15,442)

16. 002- FIFA 13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 65,934* (+6,649)

17. 001- Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 58,328* (+6,542)

18. 001- Sing Party
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 52,569* (+2,767)

19. 001- Mass Effect 3
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 48,594* (+5,350)

20. 001- WipeOut 3 The Game
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 33,480* (+2,842)

21. NEW Dragon Quest X
Grand Total (Mar 30th-Mar 31st): 33,302 

22. 001- Transformers Prime
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 33,182* (+4,297)

23. 003- 007 Legends
Grand Total (Dec 7th-Feb 16th): 32,963* (+3,436)

24. 001+ Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 30,109* (+7,926)

25. 001- Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 30,032* (+6,990)

26. 004- Madden NFL 13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 29,957* (+1,784)

27. 004- Game Party: Champions
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 28,186* (+3,455)

28. 002- Ninja Gaiden 3
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 25,185* (+3,259)

29. 002- Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 23,462* (+3,965)

30. NEW Game & Wario
Grand Total (Mar 28th-Mar 31st): 22,491

31. NEW Tank! Tank! Tank! 
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 15,228* incomplete US and European sales

32. 004- Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (Japan Only)
Grand Total (Feb 2nd-Feb 16th): 12,284 (+3,634)

33. NEW Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
Grand Total (Mar 19th-Mar 30th): 11,543*

34. NEW The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Grand Total (Mar 19th-Mar 30th): 10,637*

35. 006- NBA 2K13
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 9,413* (+3,955) incomplete

36. 007- Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII
Grand Total (Nov 18th-Feb 16th): 6,358* (+1,436)

37. NEW The Amazing Spider-Man
Grand Total (Mar 5th-Mar 30th): 5,145

Overall Games Sold Grand Total: 6,312,774 (+968,442)

Games Sold Per Console: 2.2392385536 (+0.168654214)

First & Second Party Games Sold: 3,683,629 (+534,282)

First & Second Party Games Sold Per Console: 1.30664016706  (+0.0504945305)

Third Party Games Sold: 2,629,145 (+434,160)

Third Party Games Sold Per Console: 0.93259838654 (+0.0706304394)
Nintendo eShop Top 20

1. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
3. LEGO City: Undercover
4. Nintendo Land
5. Runner2
6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
7. The Cave
8. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
9. Puddle
10. New Super Mario Bros. U
11. Trine 2: Director’s Cut
12. Nano Assault Neo
13. Little Inferno
14. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
15. Chasing Aurora
16. Scribblenauts Unlimited
17. ZombiU
18. The Croods: Prehistoric Party!
19. Just Dance 4
20. Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
Thoughts? Questions? Ideas for improving the update? Random numbers you want me to find?