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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Disappointed With the PS3 Super Slim...

I'm Disappointed With the PS3 Super Slim: I was hoping to get a PS3 this year, but sadly it looks as though I have to wait. I was hoping for a 8GB PS3 Super Slim for $150-$200. But unfortunately that didn't happen instead it was: 250GB for $269 with Uncharted 3, or $19 more than the PS3 Slim! Sure it comes with Uncharted 3, but I can already get it for $19 at a store. Sure it comes with 250GB, but all I need is 8GB's (and the 2TB--2000GB--external hard drive that I got for $70). So I guess I wont be getting a PS3 this year, because there is no way I'm spending $269 for 6-year-old tech! Especially when a next-gen console is coming out in 2 months so I'm low on money, and than I'm going to have to start saving for other next-gen consoles or if I don't care for them when they are announced, a big upgrade for my PC.

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