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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Thoughts on the Wii U and the Wii U Experience!

The Wii U Experience! 

It was ......AWESOME!!! The Experience it's self was very well done, and they had this awesome glowing table!

The games I played were Rayman Legends, Project P-100, 2 Game&Wario mini-games--Ski and Fruit, New Super Mario Bros. U, and 2 mini-games in Nintendo Land called Luigi's Ghost Mansion and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. But before I get deeper into what I think of the games....

The Controllers
Wii U Pro Controller:

The pro controller was awesome. It feels like a cross between an Xbox 360 controller and a PS3 controller, taking the best from both: super light like the PS3 controller, yet the bigger design of the Xbox 360 controller; nicer buttons like those on the PS3 controller, yet nicer trigger buttons like those on the Xbox  360 controller! And some things that are not found on either the Xbox 360 controller or a PS3 controller, like the Nintendo D-pad, and analog sticks that click really easily. 
Score: 10/10

Wii U GamePad:
Awesome! It was way lighter than I thought it would be, almost as light as the 3DS, and PS Vita, and the  design was very comfortable, I could see myself using it for hours at a time. The buttons and analog sticks are like those on the pro controller, aka super. The touchscreen is like a cross between a 3DS's screen and an iPad screen, very accurate like the 3DS's, and super responsive like the iPad's. Overall it's perfect in every way I can think of.
Score: 10/10

The Games
Rayman Legends

This game was extremely fun and made good use of the GamePad (though I used the pro controller). The level I played was this one:
I also enjoyed how it had some rhythm elements. Overall it was my favorite game I played at the Wii U Experience.
Score: 10/10

Project P-100

It was fun, yet it lacked something, then again I only played it for 7 minutes, so I think it will be better if I know the story behind it, and if I played it for an hour. It has very nice, colorful graphics.
Score: 7/10 

Game & Wario

Very fun (and uses the GamePad well). It only took me 19.8 seconds to finish the mini-game, but I could see myself playing this again and again trying to beat my time (and I'm sure there will be more levels). 
Score: 9.5/10 

In Fruit one player uses the GamePad to anonymously control one of the characters on the TV to quietly steal fruit, while up to 5 others try to guess which character is stealing fruit (I was one trying to guess). Fun, but I lost.....
Score: 8/10 

Game & Wario overall: Looking forward to it a lot! 9/10

New Super Mario Bros. U
I only played this game for 2 minutes. It was fun, but nothing special, then again that was just a demo and hopefully the game will be better (so far it sounds like it will be).
Score: 7/10 

Nintendo Land
Luigi's Ghost Mansion

In the Luigi's Ghost Mansion 4 players using Wiimotes hunt down the player using the GamePad, AKA the ghost. I was one of the 4 players using the Wiimote (and one of the best players). Very fun and hard.
Score: 9/10

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

In this game 2 players using Wiimotes use swords to kill enemies, while 1 player uses the GamePad's gyro features as a bow to shoot enemies. In this one I used the GamePad. The GamePad's gyro was amazingly responsive and accurate.  The game itself was both fun and hard.
Score: 10/10

Nintendo Land overall:  I was surprised at how fun and deep Nintendo Land was, and I'm way more likely to buy the Wii U day 1 if it's bundled. 9.5/10
Now that I have played the Wii U, I'm more excited for the Wii U than ever before, and I think I will get it on day 1. Oh, and I overheard one of the representatives saying that the GamePad was not in its "Final Form," so who knows, maybe the GamePad will look different on the 13th? Now I can't wait until the 13th.... 


  1. Very Nice, I am relieved to hear that the Wii U's game pad works so well with the system. Nintendo Land is looking very fun as well as Rayman,. Wish you could have gotten your hands on Zombi U, i am really excited to see what people have to say about that game. I'm still on the fence with this console but hopefully Nintendo will change that with their upcoming conference, i expect you'll be doing an article on that as well? Anyway thank you for uploading your Wii U experience, it was a great review!

  2. 21 days to go and im tring to read more and more i like the personal experiences thanks for your information cant wait!!!


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