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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wii U Price, Release Date, Colors, Launch Games, and Zelda U Info Leaked!!!

Yesterday I did an interview with my good friend Mr. Anonymous (he's a famous video game developer), about the what Nintendo is going to announce about the Wii U tomorrow (you can watch it here: tomorrow at 7AM PT/10AM ET) and the specs! So sit back and enjoy the interview!

TechnoHobbit: Hello, Mr. Anonymous! I understand you want to tell me some new info about the Wii U?

Mr. Anonymous: Yes! First up: the American price, release date, colors, and launch games...........................................

TechnoHobbit: Yes? YES? YES?!!?!

Mr. Anonymous:
Price: 3 bundles:

  1. $249.99, with the Wii U, GamePad and $20 eShop cash (Nintendo is losing $30 off every bundle sold).  
  2. $299.99, with Wii U, GamePad, $20 eShop cash, Nintendo Land or NSMBU, one Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Pro Controller.  
  3. $349.99, with Wii U, GamePad, $20 eShop cash, Nintendo Land or NSMBU, two Wiimotes, Nunchucks, and Pro Controllers.

Release date: November 11th for all bundles
Colors: Black, White, or Red.
Launch Games:
Retail games:
  1. Assassin's Creed III
  2. Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition 
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops II 
  4. Darksiders II 
  5. FIFA 13
  6. Just Dance 4
  7. Lego The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game
  8. Madden NFL 13
  9. Mass Effect 3 
  10. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
  11. New Super Mario Bros. U
  12. Nintendo Land 
  13. Pikmin 3 
  14. Rayman Legends
  15. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Downloadable Games: 
  1. 1001 Spikes 
  2. Chasing Aurora
  3. BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
  4. Little Inferno
  5. Mighty Switch Force! HD
  6. Tank! Tank! Tank! 
  7. Trine 2: Director's Cut 
  8. Toki Tori 2
TechnoHobbit: Wow! Lots and lots of games! Good prices! Can't wait!!!! How about other countries?

Mr. Anonymous: 
Same bundles:
UK: £229.99, £259.99, £289.99. December 1st.
Canada: $249.99,  $299.99, $349.99,  December 1st.
Europe: €249.99,  €279.99,  €324.99 December 1st
Australia: $349.95  $399.95 $349.95 December 6th
Japan: 25,000 yen, 30,000 yen, 35,000 yen. December 1st

TechnoHobbit: I have no idea if those are good prices or not... How about the specs? Can you tell me them?

Mr. Anonymous: Yes, I can tell you.... but I'm not going to.

TechnoHobbit: Methionylglutaminylargin​yltyrosylglutamylserylle​ucylphen- ylalanylalanylglutaminyl​leucyllysylglutamylargin​yllysylgluta- mylglysylalanylphenylala​nylvalylprolylphenylalan​ylyalylthre- onylleucylglcycylasparty​lprolylglicylisoleucyglu​tamylgluta- minlserylleucyllysylisol​eucylaspartylthreonylleu​cylisoleu- cylglutamylalanylglyclya​lanylaspartylalanylleucy​glutamylle- ucylgluycylisoleucylprol​uylphenylalanyserylaspar​typrolylleu- celalanylaspartylglycylp​rolylthreonylisolleucygl​utaminylaspa- raginylalanythreonylleuc​ylarginylalanylphenylala​nylalanylal- anylglycylvalylthreonylp​rolylalanylglutaminylcys​teinylphen- ylalanylglglutamylmethio​nylleucyalanylleucylisol​eucylarginyl- glutaminyllysylhistidylp​rolyuthreonylisoleucylpr​olylisoleuc- ylglycylleucylleucylmeth​ionyltyrosylalanylasbara​ginylleucyl- valylphenylalanylsparagi​nyyllysylglycylisoleucyl​aspartylglut- amylphenylalanylyltyrosy​lalanylglutaminylcystein​ylglutamyll- ysylvalylglycylvalylspar​tylserylvalylleucylvalla​lanylaspart- ylvalylprolylvalvlglutam​inylglutamylserylalanylp​rolylpheny- lalalrginylglutaminylala​nylalanylleucylarginylhi​stidylasp- araginylvalylalalprolyli​soleucylphenylalanylisol​eucylcystei- nylprolyprolylaspartylal​anylaspartylaspartyspart​yleucylle- ucylarginylglutaminyliso​leucylalanylseryltyroslg​lycylargin- ylglycyltyrosylthreonylt​yrosylleucylleucylseryla​rginlalanyl- glycylvalylthreonylglycy​lalanylglutamylasparagin​ylarginyla- nylalanylleucylprolylleu​cylaspaaginylhistidylleu​cylvalylalan- yllysylleucyllysylglutam​yltyrosylasparagimylalan​ylalanypro- lylprolylleucylglutaminy​lglycylphenlalanylglycyl​isoleyucyls- erylalanylprolylaspartyl​glutaminylvalyllysylalan​ylalanylisol- eucylalspartylalanylglyc​ylalanylalanylglycylalan​ylasoleucylse- rylglycylserylalanylisol​eucylbalyllysylisoleucyl​isoleucylgluta- mylglutaminylhistidylasp​araginylisoleucylglutamy​lpronylglu-0 tamyllysylmethionylluecy​lalanylalanyoeucyllysylv​alylpheny- lalanylvalylglutamilylpr​olylmethionyllysylalanyl​alanylthreo- nylarginylserine.

Mr. Anonymous: OK, I'll tell you...
CPU: 360 3.5 GHz POWER7 eight core processors, or 2880 cores.
RAM: 16 Terabytes of RAM
GPU: None

TechnoHobbit: What............?

Mr. Anonymous: Oops!!!! Wrong specs... PS4 specs... Xbox 720 specs... Ah here we go Wii U Specs!
CPU: From what I can tell it's a 3 core POWER PC with some POWER7 tech added, runs at 3GHz, has a theoretical peak performance of 223GFLOPS, though under real-world gaming environments it's only able to produce about 100-120GFLOPS.
RAM: 1.5GB of GDRR5 for games, .5GB for OS and other things.
GPU: Highly customized E6760, according to some test I did on it, it would have a 3DMark Vantage score of 7012 if it was used on a computer.

TechnoHobbit: Sounds good, I don't have a calculator on me, so can you tell me how many times more powerful the Wii U is? (compared to Xbox 360, PS3)

Mr. Anonymous: In terms of RAW power? 3.5x more powerful than the PS3, 4.3x more powerful than the Xbox 360.

TechnoHobbit: Like I thought! I understand the UK Nintendo Direct is going to be "Phenomeniall"?

Mr. Anonymous:  Yes! Niall Horan from the boy-band One Direction is going to be in the UK Nintendo Direct. It will start with a video of birthday party were Niall is opening presents (tomorrow is Niall's birthday), one of those presents happens to be a Wii U.  Then it turns into a 25 minute long ad for the Wii U (with Niall as the star of course), announcing all the Wii U details that we didn't know before! Including more details on SiNG, like the fact that there are 20 1D songs in SiNG!

TechnoHobbit: Awesome! You also said you have some new Wii U Zelda info?

Mr. Anonymous:  Yes, and it's going to be HUGE!!!! The dungeons are so big they will take hours to complete. Even the characters are going to be huge! Here's some character models they are going to show tomorrow:
How Ganondorf will look like in the new Zelda!

TechnoHobbit: Wow! Why are they sumo warriors?

Mr. Anonymous: The game takes place soon after Twilight Princess. When Link, Zelda, and whatever their names are, take a nice walk in the woods, they find Fi and unleash a curse on themselves that turns them into sumo warriors. Some of them like it, but Zelda hates it, so Link goes on a quest to find a cure for the sumo warrior curse, but Ganondorf stands in his way!!

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