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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Analystic Post About The PS4 (Or How I Think The PS4 will be like)

All of the following is based on what has been happening in the video game market lately. It may or may not actually happen.
When Will The PS4 Be Released?
Late 2013-early 2014. This answer is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of need. If Sony waits until 2014 to release the PS4 it will be to late to get a big next-gen market share, even if they can release it in 2013 it will be hard to take a big proportion the next-gen market from Nintendo, by the 18th of November 2013 (based on what I have seen, if you want I can go into detail why I think this), 10+ million Wii U's will have been sold! If they wait until November 2014, 23+ million Wii U's and 10+ Xbox ---'s will have been sold, that's 33 million next-gen consoles sold. And you don't want to get in to a market where 33 million out of the 200 million (<lifetime--7-8 years--next-gen consoles sales combined) units have been sold. 
I'm willing to bet never playing my second favorite game again on this: The main controller will have a touchscreen on it. Why? Because having a second screen makes most games better (example: ZombiU, Rayman Legends, and LBP2).  Sony knows this--the the PS Vita-PS3 cross play shows that--but in order for third-party's to really support the second screen it has to be something that everyone has, and since the Wii U main controller has a touchscreen on it third-party's won't half-heartedly use the screen (won't seem like a wast of money). 
Sony can't afford to have another weirdly-built, to expensive, console again. Last year Sony lost $5.6 billion, and the yens doing really good (<that's bad for Sony) so they'll want to play it safe (like they did with the PS1&2) so they will try not losing much money off every PS4 sold (like they did with the PS3) probably just $50. Based on all of this I think the PS4 will cost $350-$400, and will not be a super powerful console. It will be powerful, only it wont be another PS3. Thankfully based on the specs in the leaked Xbox 720 doc and what we know about the Wii U's specs, they wont need to make a super power console anyway (just powerful). For an example of how powerful I think it will be, go back to the 6th gen, only this time in the order will be:
  • Gamecube: PS4
  • PS2: Xbox 720
  • Dreamcast: Wii U
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  1. Nice post as always although I personally believe that the Wii-U will be the PS2, the PS4 will be the GameCube, and the Xbox 720 will be the Xbox.


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