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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PS4 Specs and Controller Leaked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two days ago I did an interview with my good friend Mr. Anonymous (he's a famous video game developer), about the not yet announced PS4! So sit back and enjoy the interview!
TechnoHobbit: Hello, Mr. Anonymous, good to see you again! You said earlier today that you had a ton of PS4 info (including the specs, the price, and how it looks)?

Mr. Anonymous: Yep, so first of all I guess I'll tell you the specs:
CPU: An custom 8-core 4.25GHz POWER7 CPU with 4 threads per core, a total of 32 threads.
RAM: 128GB's of GDRR5 RAM for Games and 16GB's of GDDR5 RAM for the OS.
GPU: 8 custom AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition GPU's.
HDD: 20TB's

TechnoHobbit: What............? Oh you got the wrong specs right? Like last time when you gave me the specs for Watson instead of the Wii U's?!?!?!?!!!!

Mr. Anonymous: Nope that's the PS4 specs.

TechnoHobbit: AAAAAAAAAAaaahHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The fanboys are right!!!! The Wii U will be last gen! In fact the Xbox 720 will be last GEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Anonymous: Good to see that you have seen the power! And that just the basics, here's more details:
The CPU has a theoretical performance of 326.45 GFLOPS, just so everyone knows the PS3's CPU has a theoretical performance of 214GFLOPS, while the Xbox 360 CPU has a theoretical peak performance of 115 GFLOPS, and the Wii U has a  theoretical peak performance of 223 GFLOPS (< leaked info)
TechnoHobbit: Wow.... How about the GPU's? In fact how did they get 8 of the strongest GPU's in the PS4 anyway?

Mr. Anonymous: It's Sony. Here's the specs of the GPU's

Radeon 7970 GHz Edition
PS4 GPU (remember there are 8 of these)
Graphics Cores
Texture Units
Clock Frequency
1006 MHz
1035 MHz
Transistor Count
4.3 billion
4.38 billion

As you see customization made the specs are a bit better than the most powerful GPU on the market! To put this difference in to perspective lets look at the 3DMark Vantage scores (bigger is better):

Radeon 7970 GHz Edition
PS4 GPU (remember there are 8 of these)
35,013 Or if you count all 8 of them working together: 280,104

TechnoHobbit: So how many times more powerful is the PS4 compared to the Wii U?

Mr. Anonymous: If you use my very complex mathematical formula....... The PS4 is approximately 70x more powerful than the Wii U in terms of raw power, so that's like 70 Wii U tied together!

TechnoHobbit: There is no way these specs could be true, do you realize how much power this thing would use!?!? And how much it would cost Sony?

Mr. Anonymous: This is Sony where talking about dude, not Nintendo. Sony cares about using the latest and greatest technology, and they aren't afraid to sale the PS4 at a lost.

TechnoHobbit: I still don't believe it. For one why does it need 128GB of RAM? The Blu-ray disc can only hold 128 GB max, so unless they want no loading times what so ever, what's the point?

Mr. Anonymous: Oh it doesn't use Blu-ray, like every PlayStation before it, it is using a new format of disc, this time it's uses HVD, these disc can hold up to 6TB!

TechnoHobbit: And how in the world could they use all this space? And GPU/CPU power?

Mr. Anonymous: One word to answer both qstons: 4K.  Or if you want a more complex answer: the PS4 can run graphically intensive UE4 games at native 3D4K 120FPS, while streaming 3D1080p+ to this!

Behold the PS4 Controller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TechnoHobbit: AGHHHHHH!!! That looks unconformable..

Mr. Anonymous:  Well it's not, way better then the Wii U GamePad........ and the GamePad is conformable!!! Some details of the controller:

  1. Weighs 380 Grams
  2. The screen is 6 inchs.
  3. Has Multi-touch
  4. The screen has a rez over 1080p, but since the screen doesn't have an aspect ratio of 16:9, I like to call it 1080p+
  5. The screen is 3D like the 3DS's 

TechnoHobbit: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Once again I must say all this is technically impossible, this thing  (the PS4) must use 6000 Watts!!!!! And cost $5000!

Mr. Anonymous: Nope it uses 2000 Watts max, and Sony is aiming for a $1999 piece, and a late 2013 lunch!

TechnoHobbit: Well the console must be huge in order to hold all this tech!

Mr. Anonymous: 
Yes, it is huge, about the size of a mini refrigerator. Here is a pic of the prototype: 
TechnoHobbit: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Anonymous: Bye, now I've got to go and hide from Sony!



  1. lol, I would actually love to see a miniaturization consoles that are actually cooled by a freezer.

    1. Yeah, that would be awesome! Maybe I'll try to do something like that with a PC..... :)

  2. Lol, I'll be able to hack the world bank or even the damn military with that much power O.o Ah that brings back memories from 2377 (Yes, I am le time traveller, John Titor). This type of technology was put into lower end phones. After all, it doesn't have a touchable hologram display. The game consoles were using specs that were far beyond this. The "Liquid Drives" from then are this ages "Hard Drives" you can say. According to my research of this time (I've only been here for 15 years), what is called "Terabytes" in this day and age are equivalent to 2377's - what you would call now - Kilobytes. If I reveal too much of the future in this time, then it could effect the space time equilibrium, so I won't tell you anything much about the "PS4" or what you still call the "Xbox 720", but I will tell you that the names "Playstation", "Xbox" and "Wii" are now unknown to most of society, but the consoles that have these names are kept in antique shops, because as of 2024, consoles stopped using them. Gaming is done mostly in virtual environments and worlds, but there is still gaming that uses holographic displays and such. But I must tell you, in the history of 2377, there hasn't been a single "console" that have even come close to that size. A lot of people use, well, you can still call them "phones", but they are known by another name which I shall not give in this time because of the equilibrium.

    1. WOW! Thanks for telling me what you can about 2377! :)

    2. My Pleasure :D Any questions about the future? No personal questions please :D


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