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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rumor: PS3 Super Slim Coming Out Soon?

(Credit: Mojo/
Lately there have been some rumors flying around saying that a PS3 Super Slim is going to come out during the 2012 holiday season, sometime in November.  I didn't believe it until the following pictures leaked:

(Credit: Tecnoblog)

(Credit: Tecnoblog)
As you can see it's a lot more slim than the PS3 Slim, and it has the model number CECH-4000 (the first PS3 had the model number CECH-L00, and the PS3 Slim had the model number CECH-3000). 

Speculation time:  I think they are going to release the PS3 super slim in November at the price of $200 with a 80 GB hard drive in an attempt to combat the Wii U when it also releases this holiday season. Then  they will lower the price to $150 when Microsoft releases the Xbox 720 in 2013.  Then, contrary to popular belief, Sony will wait to release the PS4 until 2014 instead of at the same time the Xbox 720 is released.  Please remember this is just speculation.

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