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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Member of the Technology Hobbit Chat and Reviewer Q&A: EwokLemonade

This Q&A was made so that you can know the likes and dislikes of one of the people that is a member of the Technology Hobbit Chat, and so you can find which of the reviewer's has the same tastes in video game's, and therefor chose which review to trust.

EwokLemonade Q&A

What video game consoles do you own? (And what have you owned, but no longer have):

I have Xbox, original and 360, PS1, GameCube, Wii, and multiple DS's and Gameboys.

What is your preferred way to play video games? (consoles, PC's, phones-tablets, ext.) And why?: 

Usually consoles are the best, but I also enjoy a lot of PC games, specifically Minecraft. I also will play the occasional iOS game on an iPod. I do prefer consoles because of the gameplay and graphics quality.

What is your preferred--7th Gen--home video game console? (Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii) And why?:

In my personal opinion, the 360 is the best. Although the Wii was very interesting when it first came out, because the technology was only available for that specific console at the time, the games and their gameplay lacked. Besides the Legend of Zelda games and some Mario games. I don't care much for the PS3, mostly because I have never owned one, and I really don't intend to, although it's graphics are mildly higher than that of the xbox.

What is your preferred handheld video game console? And why?:

The Gameboy. No doubt. I grew up on that device, and forever it shall remain in my heart, and in my hand.

What is your preferred video game developer? And why?

I am a big fan of Valve as well as Treyarch and Activision, because of the quality and, well, fun aspects of the games they make.

What 8th gen handheld video game console looks the coolest? And why? (only answer if you don't own a 8th gen handheld video game console (3DS, and PS Vita), or don't think you own the coolest):

Probably the PS vita. I had a PSP for a very long time (until I didn't play it as much, so I sold it to my brother who then sold it for twice as much) so I knew how fun that system was. The PS vita looks awesome, and I might have to buy it soon.

What is your favorite video game franchise? And why?:

Probably either the Portal series, or maybe the Call of Duty franchise. They both are amazing, and most of all, fun.

What is your favorite video game? And why?:

I can't say that I actually have a favorite. I love many games by many different developers. I do not have a solid answer.

What is the worst game you have played? And why?:

I'd have to say one of the Tiger Woods franchise golf games. I couldn't play more than 5 minutes without immediately turning off the Xbox.

What next gen video game (Wii U{the only one we know anything about, unless you cont rumors}, Xbox 720, or PS4) console do you look forward to the most? And why?:

The 720. Definitely. The Xbox is my favorite console, and the 720, I hope, will surpass it in every way.

What do you think about the Wii U?:

I think Nintendo is really trying, but they also need to really step up their game if their going to beat their competitors at Microsoft and Sony.

Who is your favorite "Tech Titan"? (Apple, Microsoft, or Google) And why?:

I love all of them, I only use apple iPods as opposed to any MP3 devices. I only use PCs and Microsoft computers. And, I ONLY use Google as my search engine.

Witch of the Big 3 do you like most? And why?:

Like I said, I don't have a favorite.


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