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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Member of the Technology Hobbit Chat and Reviewer Q&A: DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat

This Q&A was made so that you can know the likes and dislikes of one of the people that is a member of the Technology Hobbit Chat, and so you can find which of the reviewer's has the same tastes in video game's, and therefor chose which review to trust.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat Q&A

What video game consoles do you own? (And what have you owned, but no longer have):

Xbox 360, Wii, PS3. Previously owned Nintendo 64 I think, PS1, PS2, and Xbox.

What is your preferred way to play video games? (consoles, PC's, phones-tablets, ext.):


What is your preferred--7th Gen--home video game console? (Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii) And why?

Xbox 360 because of the multiplayer experience and awesome video games.

What is your preferred handheld video game console? And why?
iPod touch (if that counts) because of how the whole app thing works and free apps and fun stuff.

What is your preferred video game developer? And why?

Microsoft because they make fun and enjoyable games that are not always for children (which is a good thing) and just makes it fun to play online with your buddies.

Which of the Big 3 do you like most? Why?

Microsoft Because they don't only make video game consoles they make computers and lots of other stuff also.

What is your preferred handheld video game console? And why?

I would have to say the 3DS because I never really liked the PS handheld's, they just sort of sucked.

What is your favorite video game franchise? And why?

Halo because the way it was made was just awesome. I like Star trek, stargate, and star wars, Halo is like them all combined and put into a video game. It is by far my favorite video game franchise.

What is your favorite video game? And why?
Right now my favorite video game is probably Halo Reach. Halo Reach is the latest Halo game (if you don't count Halo Anniversary). It is my favorite of the Halo's. In story line it is a prequel to the others but in multiplayer it is way cooler.

What is the worst game you have played? And why?

Worst game I have ever played is Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare. I completely hated that game (with a passion). The controls were not like any other war game. And the game play was boring (it was for the Xbox just to let you know).

What next gen video game (Wii U{the only one we know anything about, unless you cont rumors}, Xbox 720, or PS4) console do you look forward to the most? And why?
Well I guess the Xbox 720. I'm an Xbox fan and that's mostly why. I haven't actually heard anything about the Xbox 720 but i guess 360 is cool 720 has to be cooler.

What do you think about the Wii U?

Ah the Wii U I think it actually looks pretty cool with its Wii controller connecting to the Wii and stuff. But I won't get it because it doesn't bedazzle me. I have said it a few times I'm not a big Wii fan and most likely never will be.

Who is your favorite "Tech Titan"? (Apple, Microsoft, or Google) And why?

I like Google for its search engine, but that's where I stop liking Google. Google+ is just kinda dumb to me when there is Yahoo available. Apple and Microsoft is where it is hard for me. Apple has iPod's and computers. Microsoft has computers and video games. But when it comes down I like video games more than listening to music. Microsoft is the best in my mind.


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