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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Technology Hobbit Chat: Games We're Excited About, 3DS XL, and Favorite Genres

TechnoHobbit: Welcome to the first edition of The Technology Hobbit Chat, I am your host TechnoHobbit, and to day I have with me.....

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Hey, I'm DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat

TechnoHobbit: Is there anything technology or video game related you want to chat about today?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Well I was thinking to start the chat off we should talk about video games. And not just any video games, but the ones we are exited for that are not out yet.

TechnoHobbit: Ok, I'm most excited for, Pikmin 3 (Wii), and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS). What games are you looking forward to?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Halo 4 (Xbox 360), Assassin's Creed III (any), Call of Duty: Black Op's 2 (Xbox 360).

TechnoHobbit: I think Halo 4 looks cool, and like how it won't be less focused on shooting (don't care for shooters). 

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yah the graphics look way better than the latest one (Halo Reach),  anthe multiplayer looks just plain amazing.

TechnoHobbit: I don't play many multiplayer game besides Mario Kart 7, so how is the multiplayer different compared to other games in the same genre?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Well they haven't leaked to much of the Game but just small details like there will be a Spec Ops like game variant (from COD Modern Warfare 2,3) that looks pretty fun. The ranking system is also nice where you don't just get XP for winning, but credits which you can use to buy things like armour or voices for your character.

TechnoHobbit:‎ Ah, sounds cool!

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yah I can't wait.

TechnoHobbit: I guess, I will choose the next topic: 3DS XL

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Cool so its like a big DS?‎ How big is it exactly?

TechnoHobbit:‎ Like a big 3DS. The system's top screen is 4.88 inches, while the lower screen is 4.18 inches. Both screens will be 90% larger than on the original 3DS.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat:‎ Dang! That's pretty cool.

TechnoHobbit:‎ Yeah! The few people who have seen one say games look awesome on that screen and the 3D sweet-spot (were you can see the 3D) is bigger.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat:‎ Thats sounds awesome.

TechnoHobbit:‎‎ You want to choose the last topic?

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Yah I was thinking we should end it with what kind of video game genre do you like most? RPG, Shooter, Racing? like what is your favorite kind of gameplay?

TechnoHobbit:‎ Ok.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: I prefer RPG the most (I know its a little weird since my favorite game is not really a role playing game although it kinda is) because I like playing as myself in video games.

TechnoHobbit:‎I have played one RPG: Super Paper Mario, it's fun. My favorite genres are: Action-Adventure, Platformer's, and Racing

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: ‎ Yes those are fun and enjoyable. What is your favorite of those genres? Video game I mean.

TechnoHobbit:‎ Hard question, my favorite genre has to be.... Action-Adventure, and my favorite video game in that genre is (so far) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat:‎ Oh I cant wait to buy that. I have been meaning to, but I am just so busy.

TechnoHobbit:‎ Cool, I think some places are saleing it for $30. Oh, and if you don't have one you also have to buy a Wii MotionPlus expansion, or a Wii Remote Plus

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat:‎ OK.‎ Oh yeah (just to let you know) my favorite RPG is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. it is pretty fun.

TechnoHobbit:‎ I have heard that game is good (and is getting some nice DLC). I have to go now so, bye (and thanks for chatting)!!!!

DJ Fluffy Kitty Cat: Alright can't wait for the next chat. See Yah.


Come back next week for another edition of The Technology Hobbit Chat!

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